04. We Won’t Be Broke Forever (Baby) ft Gruff Rhys

Akira The Don

  • Uploaded on
    May 16, 2011
  • Recorded at
    Stephen Hague's castle overlooking France
  • Produced by
    Stephen Hague and Akira The Don
  • Mixed by
    Stephen Hague
  • Mastered by
    Mike Marsh at The Exchange
  • Artwork by
    Andrew Bainbridge & Zef
  • Additional Personnel
    Chuck Norman: Programming, AK Donovan: Programming, djbrass: Backing vocals, S.H.: Bass, guitars, backing vocals, James Harrison – Guitar, Contains a sample of ‘Ring Ring’ performed by Dollar, published by Vital Spark Music, used with permission.


Ever since I can remember I've been broke
Aint no joke
Pockets full of  - nope, nada
Old man used to drive a Lada
I tried hard to
Supplement my lack of pocket money doing jobs
It's funny, I used to help my mother stitching cushions for ole Lizzy Bradley
Gardening and what not
I dug more holes than moles
Proles like me got paper rounds
Later we got people's rounds
15 I worked in the Old Vaults
Down Lower Bangor
Love that town
All my jobs were menial
I rocked that own brand cereal
Factories through administration
I got sacked in each location
I learnt from Bruce Lee: Don't think, feel
Went to America and got a record deal
Came back home all full of hope -
I told my girl, "we wont' be broke"
I quote:
We won’t be broke forever baby
(We won’t be broke, we won’t be broke)
We won’t be broke forever baby
(We won’t be broke, we won’t be broke)
Sometimes you feel like crying
But Lord only knows were trying
No one's lovin you like I am
Oh eh oh eh oh!
We won’t be broke forever baby
(We won’t be broke, we won’t be broke)
I was trying to make pasta
Gas just run out
I was trying to have a shower
Electric run out
So don’t you run out, or get a gun out
I swear down babe sun's gonna come out
Some dope film's gonna use this song
Everybody's gonna love it and they'll all sing along
And they all gon' drop like The Martian Hop
Badda oom badda badda
Badda oom bop bop
So we'll get get paid, and we'll get get go
On our w w way, round the w w world
You're my get go girl - you the greatest
None more dope you can't debate this
So we'll go shops and we'll get you shoes
There's some gold flip flips we can get you too
We can share a milkshake, ride the bus
As long as we've got us
My baby trust
And when we're old
We'll live in luxury
I a solid gold house
Beside the sea somewhere
And we'll have nothing to worry about
Apart from cancer scares
But then again
We might just have fixed all that crap!
We won’t, we won’t, we won’t be broke!
Oh oh oh ohhhhhhhh!

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