09. The Life Equation

Akira The Don

  • Uploaded on
    May 16, 2011
  • Recorded at
    Stephen Hague's castle overlooking France
  • Produced by
    Stephen Hague and Akira The Don
  • Mixed by
    Stephen Hague
  • Mastered by
    Mike Marsh at The Exchange
  • Artwork by
    Andrew Bainbridge & Zef

i – In The Morning
ii – Antilife
iii – A Cautionary Tale
iv – I Don’t Own A TV
v – Jesus
vi – Ave Satanus ft Littles
vii – In The Morning (Reprise)


i - In The Morning
Written by A J Narkiewicz
I wake up
 stare at the ceiling
 I'm alive
 But i don't know about that feeling
 My mind goes back to something that I felt when I was dreaming
 I kind of feel the way I used to feel when I was thieving
 Just like when I was dealing - hands clasped and kneeling
 Some creeping gnawing sickness in my belly leaves me reeling
 I feel the layers peeling
 I'm searching for a meaning
 I know I'm on a journey so i don't stop believing
 I get up
 It's bloody freezing and I'm shivering
 I look out side and down the street a postman is delivering
 Bad news from bad folks to witless human wreckage
 There's knocking at my door and I don't want to get the message
 So I switch on the stereo, Radio 4
 Some dick some where trying to start a war
 Terry Wogan wants a little money for the poor
 The weatherman says it wont be sunny anymore
I might not be here in the morning baby
 Dropped off far away
 In the middle where the light's all gone, and the cops won't come
 Can't keep holding on
 I might not be here in the morning baby
 Dropped off far away
 In the middle where the light's all gone, and the cops won't come
 Cant keep holding on
AK Donovan: Programming, synths & strings
 S.H.: Programming
ii – Antilife
Written by A J Narkiewicz
Sorry baby
 We aint spoken in a minute
 I know that we're at war and that I promised you we'd win it
 From the fire to the skillet
 But I'm not in denial
 I had to look away for a little while
 I know it my heart
 I can taste it my bile
 I feel it my gullet like when crocodiles smile
 They all grinning, and they aint winning
 They won
 It's obvious
 While you're all online hanging out for the apocalypse
 Apocalypse, apocalypse, now, now
 There won't no Superman be saving your Metropolis
 Wow, scared
 It's that time already
 The fat lady done sung like Freddie
 Eddie Vedder better fuck off
 This aint the time to whine
 Ah come on baby, hit me one more time
 Till my spine turns to slime
 And my mind just dissipates
 And all that's left is my breath to obliterate
It was written in alley
 It was written on the roads
 It was on the television
 So that everybody knows
 They know
 And there aint no use in running
 There aint anywhere to go
 And there aint no point in tellin em
 Cos everybody knows
 They know
Darkseid turned up, old Gods came back
 Lights off, there's no music in your Maybach
 Now you're feeling like a chump
 When your filling at the pump
 But we've been killing for an inning now
 Were giving we the bumps
 Happy birthday bebbeh!
 Hip hip hurray!
 I hope you have a nice day
 Now it's all turned to dust, I will kill you if I must
 I will help you if I can man trust
 We're getting sicker by the second
 Clock is ticking and I reckon
 What we've written's gonna wreck em
 Cos its time to transcend
 Or pretend to ascend from this burial
 Like Ariel
 Like, here we here we here we go!
 Death by stereo
Jeremy Allen: Guitars & bass
 AK Donovan: Programming & synths
djbrass: Backing vocals
 S.H.: Bass, guitars, programming, backing vocals
iii - A Cautionary Tale
Written by A J Narkiewicz & Jeremy Allen
Once upon a time, not too long ago
 There was a boy, Donovan
 Who decided to go
 To the park in Soho for to smoke a fat spliff
 The spliff was a gift from his old man
 "No shit!"
 Yeah shit mate, cos we're grown up nowza
 Donny had the hash wrapped, stuffed down his trousers
 Sat down on a bench, pulled the stuff out
 "Isn't that illegal?"
 I hear you shout
 Well, yes, yes it is
 Yes it is kinda
 But he heard that it had got decriminalized by the
 London cops who had enough to do
 What with all the murderers and terrorists too
 "Sweet", thought he, sat upon the bench
 Opened up the package and he marvelled at the stench
 Pulled out his papers and he made himself a roach
 That's when his mate saw boys in blue approach
Donovan said, "hmm. I wonder what they want?"
Two cops suddenly right up in his face
 Yet again the don thought "opposite of ace!"
 Dudes looked pissed off, young and amazed
 That he thought that he could smoke a joint up in this place
 So they searched him, checked him, cuffed him
 Found him on they database, booked him, tooked him
 Back up to the pig pen, but along the way
 Ran into another bunch of piggies who say:
 "What you doing with this lad then?" heed:
 They say: "had a bit of weed"
 "Had a bit of weed?
 And you aint letting him go?"
 The two young coppers say, "no".
 "That blows!" thinks he, "just my luck!
 two pigs in the whole town that give a fuck."
 But he's stuck, they stick him in a van
 Drive him to the station and they march him right in
Donovan said "I don't wanna go to jail"
Donny went to court and looked a right state in his filthy trousers
 He got bail under condition that he  went stay at his mam's house
 And observe a curfew to be home by ten on every evening
 They would check in randomly so there could not be no deceiving
Safe, Donny was temporarily free
 Met his boys outside the court, went on a spree
 Then upon a three hour journey to his mummy's
 Very very soon this ceased to be funny
 Plus there was another urgent issue to be sorted
 If he went back to America, then he would be deported
 They don't like druggies
 (Unless they elect them)
 Anyway, drop the conviction, that was the order of the day
 In order to avoid a verdict he would have to pay
 An inordinate amount of money to a lawyer who
 Would write the courts a letter that would get them not to do
 Anything to the boy
 Which they did which was ace
 so what did we learn?
 If you can't afford lawyers
 Don't smoke drugs in public squares.
Donovan said, "I won't do that again."
AK Donovan: Programming & synths
 Jeremy Allen: Synths & guitar
 S.H.: Programming
iv - I Don't Own A TV
Written by A J Narkiewicz, Chris Difford & Glenn Tilbrook
Rah, hello, it's That Zilla
 I'm concerned with a stone cold killer
 it been seen making old folks thicker
 It been seen telling kids, "drink liquor"
 When I was a little boy it made a lot of folks bicker
 Mind much sicker
 Increase ticker
 Sold them liver down the river
 Came with a pain giver
 Cry me a river
 Who told you, "don't leave your cake on the sill?"
 Who told the serial killer to kill?
 Who killed Bill?
 Who told tales?
 Who put wind in the ferryman's sails?
 Who put food in the fat man's gut?
 Who turned your daughter into a slut?
 Nama-nama-nama-na, I should war you
 it's that black box sitting in the corner
I don't own a TV
 Be like me its fun and easy
 You wont leave your lover needy
 Try it if you don't believe me
 As if you really really need someone
 To tell you what to tell somebody else
 Save your self
 Get that book down off the shelf
She's like, "funny that you mention it
 My bloke don't show a girl much attention
 It's rare that we do it these days
 Spend most nights in a daze
 Bathed in cathode rays"
 I'm like, "girl that's poetry
 Try a night without the telly
 See how quick you go at it
 Try a week without the thing and see how sick your poet is
 I bet you feel a whole lot better when you're rid of it!"
 I did not see the six o clock news!
 Or that advert about those shoes!
 If I wanna watch football I'll go to the pub
 If I wanna see a strip show I'll go to the club
 If I wanna be lied to my face by an obnoxious fat old white dude
 I'll go to fucking church!
 You dig?
I don't own a television.
AK Donovan: Programming & synths
 djbrass: Backing vocals
 S.H.: Bass, guitars, programming, backing vocals
 Contains a sample of ‘Cool For Cats’ performed by Squeeze, published by Universal, used with permission
v – Jesus
Written by A J Narkiewicz & Andy Cairns
He got it from his ma
 I said, "you owe her it"
 He said, "I bought the bar"
 I said, "you lowered it"
 He didn't disagree
 He just said "you should grow a bit"
 And got another bottle
 Left the jar with dough in it
 "Cheers," said the barmaid
 Sat on the barstool
 Lit up a cigarette
 He made a pass too
 Sang with the jukebox
 Looked, like, "wow.
 "I know how I feel about you now"
Jesus was a lovely boy
 But I aint seen him lately
 Jesus was a lovely boy
 But I aint seen him lately
 Tell me have you ever been
 To where the men have never seen
 The mellow or the melanin
 The white bright light thing!
 Jesus was a lovely boy
 But I aint seen him lately
Tap was dripping, I said "I don't like what's in the water,
 Them two pound chickens got me tripping, I should cross the border
 I don't talk to Sun reporters"
 She says, "maybe Don you oughta
 Or number one you ought get your flipping house in order."
 I'm like, "psyche!"
 Get on my bike
 Bobble cross the cobbles
 Then I - swoosh - through the red lights
 Lit up by headlights, wrong way on the motorway
 I like the way pollution 'luminates the MIA
 I am not cute!
 They cased me in bars
 I'm short arsed and bloodied and covered in scars
 Ah, I guess I'm doing alright
 And though I might not fight
 But I'll probably bite
S.H.: Bass, guitars, programming, backing vocals
AK Donovan: Programming & synths
 Jeremy Allen: Guitar
Contains a sample of ‘Going Nowhere’ performed by Therapy? published by Universal/MCA, used with permission
vi - Ave Satanus ft Littles
Written by A J Narkiewicz, Dean Crawford & Christopher Payne
This is Adam N, fuck who I'm badder than
 F-freaked-out and I'm m-m mad again
 Can't breathe shouldn't tightened that belt
 But my bed's made and I play what I'm dealt
 So I smile at the minds on the street
 And I'm watched the whole while by The Swine
 I'm complete
 Now the world is a stage and I'm acting
 Look at all the viewers I'm attracting
 Stall seats packed in
 As the light burns low and the sea dries up
 Where the phones don't ring and the bones pile up
 And the clown sings, "it's a popularity contest
 you just gotta put it in context"
 It's not like history needs repeating
 I'm so blind I can't see what I'm eating
 Dead in the middle of this epiphany
 Riddle me this, bro
 Are we in trouble here or did we miss go?
Don't forget to pass go, and collect all your dough
 Cos the whole world's chasing the same pot of gold
 We just take different roads in our pursuit for happiness
 Some drink alcohol, some smoke cannabis
 But you've got to have a plan in this
 Cos you could be deaf or blind
 And still not talentless
 I'm about my dough I roll with them savages
 Better let go of that Sword of Damocles
 Think shit's not irrelevant?
 Stop being arrogant
 Fam, I'm in my element
 I'm way too intelligent
 The brain of an elephant, I don't forget shit
 Now a black president's talking 'bout bring change quick
 I've been in and out of shit from the beginning
 Like man's living out a script
 Now the economy's falling
 Got people losing their homes now
 I'm equipped with the knowledge and know how
 To Show how
Who's go the most money
 Has got the authority
 We can't live properly.
AK Donovan: Programming & synths
 Jeremy Allen: Synths
 S.H.: Programming
Contains a sample of ‘Ave Satanus’, published by Bruton Music, used with permission
vii - In The Morning (Reprise)
Written by A J Narkiewicz
Switch on the PC got an email from this lady who
 Said she lost her baby she went crazy
 She was ready to kill herself, serious
 Go end the whole thing
 Until she heard oh what a glorious thing
 My mother wrote me said she loves her first son
 I got a letter from my dad he says he loves my new song
 My girl rings - she wants me meet
 I grab my coat and step out
 I look up, the clouds part and the sun comes out
So I'll still be here in the morning baby
 Close or far away
 in the middle where the light comes from
 If the cops wont come
 I'll keep holding on
 I swear I'll be here in the morning baby
 Close or far away
 In the middle where the light comes from
 If the cops wont come
 I'll keep holding on
 And on
 And on
 And on
Mary Turner: Backing vocals
 AK Donovan: Programming, synths & strings
S.H.: Programming


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  2. Anonymous
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    Good question! I shall add that to my to do list for the week…

  3. SvenTS
    February 28, 2012
    2:45 pm

    It’s been far more than a week.

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  5. Dan
    January 29, 2013
    10:22 am

    Nice track, love the classic saple. Cannon right?

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