18. Still Bankers

Akira The Don

  • Uploaded on
    May 9, 2009
  • Recorded at
    The Shed, New York & Don Studios IV
  • Produced by
    James Brown & Akira The Don
  • Mixed by
    James Brown & Akira The Don


  1. Charlie
    January 31, 2012
    4:01 am

    I got my fingers in the corner of my mouthI be likeBANKERSup in the V Ipresidential G I’mnot sure the change I’m gonna see I’mgonna like all that much bubbadubaya dubaya dubayadotthe bomb dot comten ton trillion deficit gonepoof! vamoosh!abracadabra condition so cadaverousI’m having this precog visionpost indecisionUSA third world millionsnay trillionsstack catsblack macin they backpacks packedits blackjack straight jackin’ we twatswe such suckersi swear down wouldn’t touch uswithout a twelve foot cattleprodswear down honeythey stole our money!sheeet!i dread to wonder what they plan to do with all of it…
    So put your fingers in the corners of your mouth and say “bankers”…
    wankers!who the fuck you fink you are?party like its mardi grala die-dahardie harone 4 billion o bailout moneybonus!cashback!that’s pretty funnyso -pop your collarass will followsuck it down baby let’slets devaluate the dollarmight go bust like hammer thoughwaiting on the amerrouh uh the Alamolivin’ like a animaltemple of thievesthe temple of doomthe temple of boom shake the room!i bet the fresh prince of bel airaint feelin so fresh right nowi bet them teefs are thieving death right nowim looking left right, wowthey pulled that off like how?could the last  person leaving please turn off the light  – cough  – nowso – fix the price planwe’re all going to Icelandwreck a victorthis is gonna be a cold winter…
    put your fingers in the corners of your mouth and say “bankers”…
    I do not love moneyI don’t hate it eitheryou cant hate suttink that doesn’t existeyes areclosed a little widerwide enough tosee they taking the piss with this fraudthe money’s only insuredto be a merry modern slaverycreated from debtwe can never pay back what they made upyetwe can never have democracy eitherwhile any progress is for profitif you can’t make cash off it  then fuck itso sorry mr bateman they don’t want you in their cluband i know its not your fault your hands are covered in bloodits just a monetary society is not the place for lovethey made the monster that’s inside nothing below or aboveit’s just us mantrust manit’s bigger than thattake out the money they made up you will be free of all thatbe free todo what you chosefollow your dreameverything’s therewe got the machinesthe energy’s cleanthe wind and the seaand all we could want for’s in you and in me
    So put your fingers in the corners of your mouth and say “bankers”

  2. Anonymous
    January 31, 2012
    4:14 pm


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