07. Sexmas

Akira The Don feat. Envy

  • Uploaded on
    December 19, 2011
  • Recorded at
    Don Studios IV
  • Produced by
    Akira The Don
  • Mixed by
    Akira The Don
  • Mastered by
    Gaz Williams
  • Artwork by
    Akira The Don

From Saturnalia Superman… Akira The Don’s amazing Christmas album

I don’t know how many songs me and Envy have done by this point. A lot. They’re all amazing. Who remembers I Love You? That song was a.ma…zing. I don’t even have it anymore. I lost when my main harddrive fell off a table in New York, along with a whole unreleased album. So it goes.

Nothing Lasts Forever, our new single, is obviously a modern classic. Right now it’s attacking national radio like a gorgeous, rabid, lovelorn puppy, an it’s heartbreaking video is storming internets charts all over the, um, internets.

Indeed. Envy and Akira The Don is a duo proven to do damage. And this, our Latest Thing, is the first one in which we’ve bust out the crooning. We’d been listening to R Kelly a lot before we made this. Envy was all like, OMFG, have you heard the “you remind me of my jeep one“? I actually hadn’t, somehow. What a revelation that was.

Anyway. I made this beat by accident while I was making another song. I came across the synth while I searching for a sound for  another song, and had to stop right there and record the progression that makes up the backbone of this song. GODDAMN! I said to my self. WHAT LUSH CRAZINESS IS THIS? I thanked my Gods, then embellished the thing. Some fingersnaps, some sleigh bells, boom. Littles was going to be on this, until he didn’t turn up they day we were gonna record it. He wanted to call it “The Naughty List”. It was always destined for rudeness. Envy and I wrote it together in about an hour, and all that stuff at the ned was comped down from one take in which Envy freestyled like a rowdy nightingale through some reverb and auto tune for about 6 and a half minutes. She finished demading, in song, “don’t do that thing with the cracker where you put your thumb over the middle so you can win you biiiiiitch don’t piss me ooooooofff! But me an iiii paaaaaaaad!” I cut that bit as I felt it went against the positive, non comercial vibe prevalent in the rest of the song.

Thing is, for all it’s lusty auto-tuned crooning and banter from Envy about choking people with fairylights (“you’ll like it! It’ll do you good!”), this song is glorious and touching and truly emotional (and amazing) because it has genuine heart and a deep rooted beauty borne out of true love in it. Notice how I don’t even start singing that hearwrenching “I can’t think of noting/that we have to do” bit ’till halfway through the fade-out. Notice it’s a two minute fade out. I put that in so the end doesn’t take you out of your zone when you’re making sweet love to it.

I know, right? I do this for you, because I care.

You can thank me by naming your child AKIRA THE DON if it’s a boy (all three words, thanks) or ENVY if it’s a girl.



Tonight, you're mine,
You've been stressed it's time to unwind
Pour a glass of mlled wine,
The fire's on 5 & it's cold outside
put your leg, in between mine
a little bump & grind
no there's nothin' like sex at Christmas time
Let's make some magic like we're in fuckin' Salem
Bang you against the wall like muddy trainers
Say my name, go on, say it like I'm fuckin' famous
Let's get higher than them fuckin reindeers
baby I can make you fly
so if you're ready for the ride
I'ma keep you turnt on, turnt on all night like those Christmas lights
When I walk it sounds like sleighbells
And I think I smell like Christmas
Keep your three hos, there's only one thing on my wishlist
Baby you're my shining star
Wise men follow from afar
But there's only two invited to this winter mardi-gras
I downloaded all those movies that you wanna see and
We can stay in bed with the projector the whole weekend
Baby we ca sleep in
Plus I got the weed in
(What else)
Suttink suttink freaking
Tonight, you're mine,
You've been stressed it's time to unwind
Pour a glass of mlled wine,
The fire's on 5 & it's cold outside
put your leg, in between mine
a little bump & grind
no there's nothin' like sex at Christmas time
See moretime, at Christmas I'm feelin really fortunate
all red everythin, st nick awesome shit
but I'ma make sure that he puts you on the naughty list
I just wanna unwrap you, this shit is torturous
but when I do, I swear I couldn't be happier
'Tis the season for love, but I fuck you like I'm mad at ya
two weeks off work baby I can be your manager,
pop it pop it pop it like an advent calendaaaar
And fuck what they say
Stay away from Ebay
I don't want nothin'
But you
Gonna love you in the morning
Love you in the vening
Be my angel tonight
Be my angel tonight
I don't wanna, go on Facebook this Christmas,
I don't wanna use twitter, fuck twitter,
I'll just retweet their other tweets,
it's all the same fuckin shit anyway
And we could replay
Red Dead Redemption
That's all we need babe, you and me,
I think Home Alone's gonna be on TV...
Baby I'ma heat it up, I'ma heat it up, I'ma heat it up,
like a mince pie, like a like a mince pie, 
like a like a mince pie in the microwave
be mine tonight
Baby I'ma wrap these fairy lights around ya hold still,
it's gonna be good, just a lil bit of chokin',
it'll do you good,
you'll like that,
you'll like that say my name babyyy
oooh you look just like the fairy on top of the tree
baby you're doin' somethin for me,
you're really really doin' somethin' for meee...
baby maybe we could make,
christmas puddin' with a bit of weed in it,
then we can go and watch
Return To Oz,
that'd be well cool innit?
woooo ooooh yeeeeeaaah
And I can't think of nothing
That we have to do
And I can't wait for morning
Cos I'll be back with you


  1. Daniel
    December 20, 2011
    7:11 pm

    LOL nice!!!!!!!!! my first child will be named AKIRA THE DON ZAPATA LOL XD 

    i send a gift to your mail i hope you like it

    is not a virus by the way, BUT is some thing i think you are going to like it

  2. Anonymous
    December 20, 2011
    7:37 pm

    SWEET I LOVE GIFTS. That is a good name. Amen.

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