15. Seek A Sound So Rare

Akira The Don

  • Uploaded on
    April 18, 2011
  • Recorded at
    Don Studios IV
  • Produced by
  • Mixed by
    Joey2tits & Akira The Don
  • Mastered by
    Gaz Williams
  • Additional Personnel
    Guitar by James Harrison. BVs by Joey2tits

Seek A Sound So Rare originally appeared on The Kidnapping Of Akira The Don By Joey2tits. It’s working title was Beck, because Joseph (AKA Joey2tits) thought the beat he’d made with Jim (AKA Evil James Harrison I, fellow Ysgol Friars alumni) sounded a bit Beck-ish. Which was timely, as I’d been spending a fair amount of time pondering my whole racism-against-scientologists issue.

I wrote the song very quickly – much of it had come to me whilst cycling, as was the way with a lot of the Kidnapping material. I’d cycle along the edge of the canal between Hackney Wick and Walthamstow with no hands with instrumentals in my ears, freestyling out loud and furiously typing the best bits into my Blackberry (RIP).

I’d been wanting to put the line A Flight Of Stairs Falling Down a Flight Of Stairs into a song ever since I read it in Simon Williams’ review of an early Idelwild gig in the NME a decade earlier, and here, finally, was a beat that really did sound like a flight of stairs falling down a flight of stairs. Clatter! Crash! Pow! Naturally, the stairs thing got me thinking about pushing my little brother down the stairs when I was 2, which lead me to those those beautiful mullets my Dad gave us (and his hilarious Boy Named Sue excuse). It all felt very right, anyway. I do not know why these things happen the way they do, but if knew all the mysteries of the universe I’d be an Oracle of some sort, and I wouldn’t have time to write pop songs, so we can all consider ourselves most fortunate.

The video, just like the song, was made by me, Joey and Jim. I ran about in my shiny purple tracksuit and my beloved Pedo Bear Pope T-Shirt, and Joey and Jim filmed me running around Hackney Wick, and shouted at me to run faster, and that sort of thing. At one point I was cycling around Victoria Park with Joey and his camera strapped to my back like some vast giggling Kola Bear, and we Did Not Crash, and neither did we Die in a Ball of Flames, and that is because we are motherfucking ProFessionAlls.

Joey did the awesome (and in some places rather creepy) animations, and Jim edited the video, which was the first time he ever did such a thing in his life, and I am very bloody impressed with the lad.

Annoyingly, I don’t have a picture of us all from the shoot, so here’s one of me and Joey on a swing.

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don sound so rare
like a flight of stairs falling down a flight of stairs
im the brere that cares
he who wins is the he who dares
mange tout
passe moi la baguette
it appears you've had it
best change your name like sagat
board it, bag it
just dont read it
thats for fffffffffff uck outta here with that shit
put on a cape
go ape go batshit
go batman
go baseball furies
smack of your kaftan
holla at the captain
wrapped in finest linens
flopped out back with the finest women
tryin to cut out guiness cos its giving me a belly
i ride the gym and i dont got a telly
but I got an xbox
play a lotta GTA 4 plus Sonic
spin for the win
shout out charles
revolting rhymes like roald dahls
this goes out to the old girls
who still read books and fold cards
yeah  - all the young dudes
carry the news
dont get it confused
you gotta give booze to the pews
like oh dear look what they done to the blues
my heroes are Hobbes AND Calvin
not alvin
its like phill collins said
you hear it in the air
becks a scientologist
i wonder why I care
when i was little all i did was seek a sound so rare
like a flight of stairs falling down another flight of stairs
the sound
everybody bump that ting
like I said on stunners 2
we love this thing
i was 2 my little brother was wasnt 1 but
sat at the top of the stairs me he clocked
step by step he crawled to the summit
but when he got to the top I kicked him from it
down he tumbled
wailed so loud
my mum asked why
I said he wasnt allowed
and he wasn't
I was just upholding their laws
yeah, down for the cause
up for the crack
if you dont stand for nothing
you'll fall for a twat
best tell your sister
cos when she joins that clan you will blatantly miss her
speaking of which
turns out my auntie did the same thing to my dad I did to my little brother
she said "he deserved it"
knowing him he probably did
shouda seen the hircuts he gave us as kids
4 little boys with the same damn mullet
kids took the piss I would not rise above it
scrapped all day till my face black and blue
dad said it was his version of a boy named sue
i said bollocks
you just liked shit haircuts dad
still, i am glad, i have a dad, he's not so bad
he got me into records
used to sit me on his lap
singing eye of the tiger
now look at me, blap!
its like phill collins said
you hear it in the air
becks a scientologist
i wonder why I care
when i was little all i did was seek a sound so rare
like a flight of stairs falling down another flight of stairs
loser's still great
so's that haircut
I like will smith
i like turtles
hold tight xenu
thats about as stupid as
all that stuff in genesis
the roman's they had jupiter
see now we got computers
so we all feel smart for the second
when we've looked something up on wikipedia
and then we go forget it
cos it doethnt really matter
when youre from or where youre at
or where youre going
cos shit's cyclical
and thats all I gotta say on that

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