08. London

Akira The Don ft. Lois Winstone

  • Uploaded on
    November 6, 2006
  • Recorded at
    The Shed, New York
  • Produced by
    James Brown & Akira The Don
  • Mixed by
    James Brown


So I left Southampton
And headed for London
Where I was abandoned
Which I hadn't planned on
I randomly ended up wandering Camden
I stayed at the Red Eye
I slept rough in Euston
And after a couple of weeks
My money'd run out
I was wandering about and about to meat Anto
In Turnpike Lane Station
Anto was begging for change
Selling travelcards
Over six foot with a mohawk and boggling eyes
Thick Northern Irish so I put on Scottish
And that was enough to establish affinity
Anyway, he took me back to his flat
Which was really a squat
We watched Wishmaster
I think we smoked pot
And he jacked up a lot
About three times during the course of the movie
He offered none to me
"Your soul is destroyed
And your lips are blue
these children of London
aint gonna rescue you"
Anto went out to score, I watched his telly
Reclined on a mattress, the mattress was smelly and damp
The smell of a tramp
Of course
The floor was littered with cans and gauze
And yours truly jumped out of his skin
When the door crashed open and Anto came in
With a woman, a girl, and a man
The man was tattooed all over his face and his hands
And he was called Fixo - she was called Jo
Five foot, six stone, going out with Anto
It felt like panto - she WAS Scottish
And I was not
But she didn't seem to notice
The other girl, 17, she was a looker
Also a hooker
She offered me some of her crack pipe
Which was alright.
In addition she gave me this Russian bling
Wedding Ring
She asked for help, so I held the belt
As she pushed the syringe
Into her skin
She gasped out loud as the brown went in
And we fell asleep in the corner together
All sticky with sweat I awoke in the heat of the morning
A blizzard of flies
The others were snoring and rotting in front of my eyes
"Your soul is destroyed
And your lips are blue
these children of London
aint gonna rescue you"
Back then I was 19, nothing much phased me.
Some of it frightening, some it amazed me
And I might have died, but fuck it -
Sleeping with junkies was better than sleeping outside.
Anyway, Anto was nice - I had my own mattress so I wouldn't catch the lice
The rest of them shared
He really cared - he made sure nobody fucked with me.
We stayed together for months
And nobody fucked with me once
Even though some of his mates blatantly wanted to batter me
No one crossed Anto The Punk
And he tried to come off the junk
But his brain just lied to his body too many times
He'd be drunk crying and trembling terrified vomiting
scrabbling for filters and living in poverty
He sold the telly to score
Jo wept - we didn't have a telly no more
I got us another one, she wept with joy
Same day I met Anto's boy
He was called Bastard Mark, cos he was a Dark Bastard
Usually plastered
hacking up people and breaking they limbs for a laugh
He walked in started smashing the gaff with an axe
"Your soul is destroyed
And your lips are blue
these children of London
aint gonna rescue you"
After that episode yo I decided to stop being a leper and get me outside of it
Honestly, shit had gotten on top
There was this dude called Brian who'd moved in too
He was a crackhead as well as a smackhead
Banged up for ages but now he was out and back on the bollocks
Pulled down his trousers
In the living room banging up into his groin
And he was a geezer, I liked him
But he kept inviting the law with his antics, armed robberies
Honestly, probably soon I'd be back in the nick like a prick I felt doomed
So there was no option, I had to get out
And rent my own house
So me and this mate together
We borrowed some fast cash
But down a deposit, prepared for my exit
Was bound to be hectic and sad
I felt really bad, was escaping and they would be stuck there for ever
But Anto hugged me, smiling from miles above me
He told me he loved me
And I said goodbye
Picked up my telly, Jo started to cry, and begged me to leave it
But I didn't greedily, in retrospect, obviously she really needed it more than I did
Was the least that I could have done
Should have done

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