12. Giro

Akira The Don

  • Uploaded on
    April 18, 2011
  • Recorded at
    Don Studios IV
  • Produced by
  • Mixed by
    Joey2tits & Akira The Don
  • Mastered by
    Gaz Williams
  • Additional Personnel
    Guitar by James Harrison


sorry kids, here's a kick to the knackers
I've seen the future
and they don't need rappers
they used our raps to attack us
closed us down now we - shelf stackers
and othersuch unfair things
once upon a time we had diamond rings
but no more
we mostly poor
nicky gives brain and Wayne's a whore
fat joe works on a hot dog stand
in brooklyn
narstie does the same thing in brixton
camron - mayor of harlem
while the wu tang boy run a car wash AMEN!
wiz khlaifa
turned a new leafah
shotting sheesh kebababs
odd future?
very odd future
earl is a girl
and tyler defiled her
drake works in a ba-kers
soulja plays for the lakers
jeezy's easy, keeps it greasy
wraps up chips in the paper
wiley's highley rated in I.T.
Tinie got married to Kylie
they got a B and B and they employ
ndubbz AND ndouble A,
its like fawlty towers but a lickle more irie
eminem really had a fall from grace
nowadays they call him Emma and he runs with Mase
well, he's run by mase, out the back of the church
where Snoop plays keys and he looks like lurch
dead in the middle of italy its little B
he's pope
that's dope
and jigga got nothing in common with him - hes a 33rd degree mason - win!
but i wouldn't really mind though
happens all the time yo
see you in the giro line bro
cant see me
yall need a delorian
ive seen the future and its so victorian
preeming rock star? bugger that bummer
what a girl really wants these days is a plummer
thats why the x x bounce their checks
why becks sits vexed in his second hand kecks
thats why the claxons get no action
spend their time in a pub in clapton
lenders a pound says him from the verve
beiber's pissed
cos he couldn't get served
gaga's lala mashed on the lager
har mar starves cos hes got bad karma
boy better blow
says him from
shooting up in an alleyway in tooting
looting shops you'll find the cribs
while doherty and borrel well they both need bibs
cos they're drooling mongs
don't sing songs
nobody cares for songs
take that
sick off the methodrone
got it all on tick like a metronome
rhi rhi's a cop and she rock with the tazor
rick ross is not he's a shot with a lazor
up in quazor
works with erasure
got 50 a shift as a favour
chippy - works in the chippy - duh
but he better not give missy lippy - nuh
go to town on a tank with the darkness
where lloyd runs banks
and eddie runs argos
slumped in a pool of his piss on the floor
will young aint young no more
and theres no surprises for guessing what happened to cheryl cole:
but i wouldn't really mind though
happens all the time yo
see you in the giro line bro

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