06. Bankers

Akira The Don

  • Uploaded on
    November 6, 2006
  • Recorded at
    The Shed, New York
  • Produced by
    James Brown & Akira The Don
  • Mixed by
    James Brown


Jeff told me how he'd seen the whole Rodney King tape
He's like "for fucks sake, the dude was spazzing out on PCP
Or something, cocaine or booze"
I'm like, ah really? Well why aint they show that shit on the news?
Why did they choose
To only show the one side that'd get the people outside rioting
Coppers on trial
And and since when did their media give a fuck about blacks?
This shit just didn't make sense
so these were questions I asked
And then a month or so later clicking links on Jay Smooth's blog site
Inside answer I find...
A Nixon instigated institution
That has the power to suspend the US constitution
In the event of any crisis
Such as nuclear war
national opposition to a US invasion abroad
Says they can start Martial Law
If there's rioting in several US cities simultaneously
I was like
Oh I see!
Put your fingers in the corners of your mouth
And say Bankers...
Operation Ore disappeared for a reason
Karl Rove should have been hung for treason
We buy strawberries out of season
They buy babies to pop
cos when you up at the top you don't stop
You buy cops
And then its on the next thing
your babans in they sex rings
They fly them in to bless kings
and men that would be kings or kingmakers
Quakers and catholics
you'll get choked while he gets his crack licked
So if Cash Rules Everything Around Me
Then who's got the money?
It's not the Prime Minister
It's some other guys
undercover guys
Above them other guys
blame it they brother guys
Fuck them other guys
cold dead eyes kill jedis
minds like dead flies
Monsters exist they're just disguised
Monsters exist they're just disguised
You oughta heed LaRouche you douche
They come in suits and ties
So Put your fingers in the corners of your mouth....
And say Bankers
And say word!
Blatantly this shit is absurd
There's a reason Saddam fucked on the Kurds
And there's a reason why they blew up that World Trade
They're making us all slaves
So soon we'll all be jealous of birds
I've been to hell and I've heard
They're organising the ranks
I thought we were to thank the World Bank but we should go there with tanks
Cos all they do is fuck economies
slip our struggling peoples some monetary
demand back five times that
control they forestry
they water
and the borders
rape they land and rape they daughters so their people can't afford to
Pay back these loans
And they do that to their own
Why the fuck you think you're owning your home?
You just owe!
They're giving every cunt a credit card
so they
can one day come snatch up everything you think you own and take it away
So you choose
Remember what they did to the Jews
Cos now them chips are in your arms that's what they're doing to to you
So put your fingers in the corners of your mouth
And say Bankers
So put your fingers in the corners of your mouth
And say Wankers

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