23. Awed Of I

Akira The Don

  • Uploaded on
    May 9, 2009
  • Recorded at
    The Shed, New York
  • Produced by
    James Brown & Akira The Don
  • Mixed by
    James Brown


As short as I am now but I was sixteen years old then
Moved out of home shootin whisky with grown men
In old domes crumbling, magnolia walls
I'm only just out of school
But I figure I'm cool

We chat dust jacks, nut sacks
we empty out our rucksacks
spoils of the day, figga
I been out and just taxed town
down the Kingfisher
Fillin up our pockets with lockets and fuck it, fifteen pounds worth of make up
Rock it with flares and vest, of the shoulder jacket
platforms and goggles
We get in fights but it's usually alright
And if we're broke then we smoke late
joke late, procreate
we got us a bit of a gang
hang man
cider in parks when its dark
and we're still up with the lark
making single skin cigs out of fag butts
Girls love us cos we're rockstars living it up
We take base for the taste and we dont give a fuck

I said

I'll stop livin when I stop livin so till i stop livin then i'll stay awed of I

So I'm set up in my lodging with this lady and her baby
Most stuff's gravy
I got myself I damn fine lady
work all night and in the day I take speed it's
easy to see where this leads
So little kiddies take heed
I bleed out the back of my throat most days but I dont mind
At this point yet to write dope rhymes
but learning how to make wraps:
you take one square of paper, fold it down the middle
Let the further corner of the triangle meet in the middle
And there you've got it
So Ive got it and I'm running for Flubby
No love, he taxes all my peoples for they money
But they think its funny
and I make me lots of money
Off of all my mates - now that's funny.
Anyway I'm doing pretty good so pretty soon the boy above him comes a knocking
And Im moving enough base to go shopping
so I take my lady to Brum buy coats comics and ceedees
Up all night not watching TV

I said

I'll stop livin when I stop livin so till i stop livin then i'll stay awed of I

And so one night
I'm walking down the hill to the cross
To get sloshed, sell some nose nosh, and make some more dosh
I come across a gang of dudes who object to my make up
they don't know my face, done caked up
I get pinned to the ground and spat on
fags stubbed out on
it's not a good day to be Adam.
Still, I make it to the pub eventually looking like Marilyn Manson
And all the girls still think I'm handsome
So later on I'm dancing, romancing
Forgettin that debt, which crept up ticking too many mates
It's the sixth rule  -
I didn't bother to learn it
Next thing I know I'm getting battered in earnest
Some six foot something with a stick, trick puttin with my face
Once again - the opposite of ace
Yo this is A Zilla, crap dealer paying my dues
Stealing my booze
Living in fear of dudes with pool cues

I said

I'll stop livin when I stop livin so till i stop livin then i'll stay awed of I

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