08. Akira The Don & Chilly Gonazles – Don’t Need A Weatherman

Akira The Don & Chilly Gonazles

  • Uploaded on
    February 22, 2011
  • Recorded at
    Don Studios IV
  • Produced by
    Chilly Gonazles
  • Mixed by
    Chilly Gonazles & Akira The Don
  • Mastered by
    Gaz Williams @ Fliskin Manor
  • Artwork by
    Akira The Don

This song first appeared on The Guardian.

Actually, tell a lie, it first appeared on a Doncast. Remember when Chilly was on The Doncast? That was the day we recorded most of this song. (We actually performed a bit of it too, as I recall) It was supposed to be on the collaborative tape me and Chilly are making, but that is going to take some time, and I thought this song suited the ATD25 feeling, and Gonzo – who is recording a wooden hut in Big Sur right now – was cool with me letting it out there in that fashion.


Meanwhile, I am working my pert pink ass of on ATD25, which is coming next week.


http://bit.ly/weathermen is the bit.ly adress to give to all your buddies.

And this is the Youtube listening post. Check the awesome intro:


  1. Hunchbakk
    February 22, 2011
    5:10 pm

    so Mr PR has been working hard… the guardian!! i was just waiting for a soundcloud link, shall have to swing by their way and give it a lil listen…..

  2. Hunchbakk
    February 22, 2011
    5:12 pm

    aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh, there’s the soundcloud!!!! spoke too soon.

    feeling it!

  3. Hunchbakk
    February 22, 2011
    5:14 pm

    comment blurt (i’m sorry)

    apparently you ‘now live in Wales’


  4. Alexander Velky
    February 22, 2011
    5:56 pm


  5. Jason Parton
    February 22, 2011
    6:29 pm

    Loooooooove it.

  6. Chris
    February 22, 2011
    7:15 pm

    OMG!!! Right when I heard “Don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.” a tear came to my eye. =]

  7. Cogstar
    February 22, 2011
    8:28 pm

    ATD 25 is going to be soooooooo good

  8. Saul Pearce
    February 23, 2011
    12:43 pm

    dope track. cool artwork too, very nice.

    Excitement building, ATD25 for the ultimate win!

  9. Silentbob69
    February 23, 2011
    4:41 pm


  10. Lucash29
    February 25, 2011
    4:59 am

    This song is so good, sample is SOO dope! The Don out does himself again!

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