By Akira The Don on Thursday, September 19th, 2013


— By Akira The Don on Thursday, September 19th, 2013

Monday, September 2nd, 2013

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The new ATD Youtube Channel uploads continue apace. Alongside a reup of This Is My Jam (V Fest Our House Version), I spent an inordinate amount of time hunting down movies streaming in full on the Youtubes for my DON APPROVED MOVIES playlist. I found 73 awesome movies, which should keep you busy for a few days at least. GET IN AND BE JOYFUL!

(Oh and if someone want’s to make a list of all of them that would super, I haven’t time right now, I have to go and do a boxing lesson and make a record and go to the doctors’ and feed my family and stuff)

I also started an AKIRA THE DON BOOTLEGS playlist, with a classic: Akira The Don x Mobb Deep & Electronic – The Real Message, from 2005’s ATD10: CLONES mixtape.

I remembered the existence of this bootleg the other morning, when Ravey Dave Cameron’s comments about being “disappointed” he didn’t get to bomb Syria lead me to listen to Sumner and Marr’s Electronic supergroup for the first time in years. I found myself rapping Prodigy’s lyrics over the top, and was like, ‘oh crap! I did that bootleg that one time!’ Upon digging it out, I discovered it was ACE, so I gave it a quick remaster and upped it as part of my plot to get everything I ever did that’s good on the new Youtube Channel.

ENJOY! And let me know if there’s anything specific you want dusting off uploading!



— Monday, September 2nd, 2013

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

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Those on the mailing list might have seen an email the other week in which I was getting all excited about a new Youtube Channel… THE new Youtube channel… Youtube.com/AKIRATHEDON

Longtime friends of the Don might be aware that some asshole has been squatting that most prized domain since 2006. Well, Youtube finally agreed to give it to its rightful owner, AKA ME, Akira The Don… there were however some issues with the thing, and when I sent that email it transpired it wasn’t working (and annoyingly a bunch of your subscribed to some wrong-ass new ATD channel which is about to be deleted. SORRY!)

Well it’s working now!

And I am busy re-rendering and re-upping old videos in super hi def, and working on a schedule of NEW REGULAR CONTENT for you to enjoy. So get your ass over there and subscribe, and let me know what you’d like to see!



— Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

By Akira The Don on Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

So Joey2tits was just telling me about this and was all like, yo, someone is totally gonna autotune that with the Flash Fact quickness, so I was all like, rah, I’m gonna look on Auto-Tune The News Youtubers Schmoyoho’s channel, and SMASH, SMASH, SMAAAAASH… they dropped this ten hours ago.

Not their best but still pretty glorious.

— By Akira The Don on Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

Thursday, February 28th, 2013

BROTHERS AND SISTERS! To celebrate SOMETHING AWESOME that’s happening today, we’re gonna have a DONCAST LIVE on YOUTUBE!


To clarify, that means ME, LIVE ON YOUTUBE BEING ACE! Using that google hangout technology. LITF. Starts at 8pm UK time, go here to see what time it is where YOU are.

Like, it’s midday in LA, I know that much.

Leave any shout out requests, questions, whatver you like in the comments, or email secrete stuff to akirathedon at gmail dot com.


— Thursday, February 28th, 2013

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

Bore Da Brawdren! Your buddy ATD is back like cooked crack with another DON VLOG, this one recorded on the auspicious date of the twelth of the sixth twenty twelve.

In this legendary vlog I pour righteous ire upon the foolishness of that goddamn Prometheus Space Jesus Bollocks theory that everyone and their mum has been tweeting at me of late – wherein it is suggested that the reason the engineers in Prometheus were pissed off with us is that they sent Space jesus to save us 2000 years ago and we kil’t his Voldemort-looking un-semetic ass – which some feel explains the film and proves that it is not retarded crap written by the screenwriting equivalent of Rob Liefeld but in fact amazing theological deep shit that’s been flying over the heads of us doofuses like so many homing doves carrying THE TRUTH back up to the heavnes from whence they came. Well I say BOLLOCKS to that swinedip, and if you really think that Ridley Scott and DayMUHN’s rehashing the plot of Chris de Burgh’s A Spaceman Came Traveling is creating something of such depth we mere mortals cannot understand it I have a Justin Bieber LP for you to spend the next week dissecting the theological worth of on your cotdurned Livejournal.

“When two thousand years of you life have gone bye… the song will return once again.. to a xeno’s cry… and it went


Lord have mercy on us all.

Elsewhere in that vlog up there I answer your burning questions, that you left on my Facebook page yesterday. Thank you for your interest, and feel free to hit me up with any questions or requests you have for next week’s vlog.

Now let’s hand over to the channels, and some of the stuff I have been receiving.

That was my birthday last year. What a great day! People email me asking when I am touring again most days, and I am afraid I simply haven’t the time or resources to out one together on my own, so I am gonna focus on my album and hire some people to help me do it. I am however plotting a special one off gig for the end of summer, and I will give you details of that as soon as I have them.

I did a bunch of massive post runs last week, which took the best part of three days and covered me in paper cuts, but it is always hugely gratifying to see people’s reactions when they get their swag in the post. As mentioned previously, last week’s stock check has revealled tme to be stupidly low on almost everything (2 Superman Ts in medium! 3 Revolution in medium! Etc!), so I suggest you get in there quick and grab everything before it’s gone for ever.

Meanwhile I am working on a bunch of NEW STUFF, including some designs based on your lyric T suggestions as posted on my Facebook page. As ever, feel free to hit me u with sugggestions for stuff you’d like me to make for you. I live to serve.

Speaking of which, I reupped 3rd hand Wire Riffs to the mixtape section, as it was mysteriously absent. Holla if you spot anything else amiss and I shall endeavour to fix it.

And with that, I must bif you a fon farewell. I have a 60 minute mix to complete for tomorrow lunchtime, the sequel to an ambient one I did on Sunday. It’s a private comission, to be played at the )2 as part of some festivities, but maybe I’ll be able to let you hear it some day. it is beautiful and i love it, and it remidned me what I loved about my early mixtapes, all that chopping up fragments of audio and weaving together slabs of other people’s music in an evocative fashion. Maybe I’ll do another TAD tape in that mould. Or maybe I’ll carry on making ever more ambitious post-album projects. WE SHALL SEE!

Oh, and before I forget, make sure you check out the @sweden feed on twitter, manned by regular humans who change on a weekly basis. It’s amazing. Earlier I noticed it’s hilarious, but I later noticed it is also RIGHTEOUS!

Shout outs and high fives then, to this week’s Sweden Tweeter, Sonia Abrahamson, ” a 27-year old womanlike human being from northern Sweden [where] people there are relatives and they all own tractors… I’m a single and low educated mother, but at least I don’t do drugs and prostitution.”



I put Thunderchrist on Youtube as a track separated playlist! For your convenience! I LIVE TO SERVE!

— Wednesday, June 13th, 2012