Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

Hello, good afternoon, and welcome. My name’s Akira The Don. I live beneath the shadow of the London Olympic Development Grounds, in a valley of cranes, and I make pop music. Sometimes I draw things, like that lil’ dude up top there. How are you today?

Excellent. Well, I am dandy, thank you. My bosom is heaving and I feel sick after another punishing gym workout and subsequent bike journey, fraught with danger. A bus forced me off the road and into the path of a raving psychotic teenage girl armed with a souped-up pram and a baby. She made to run me down, I made a terrifying arc, swerved with Magnificent Panache and No Brakes, and failed to kill, or be killed. She looked like she was swearing, and I rode off into the distance, dust billowing behind me like a wedding train. I was listening to The Dream’s new album in my headphones. The guy basically does 12 part harmony contempi-R’n’B  over dirty south beats and arpeggios. He croons of nothing but acquiring and dissacquiring women, yet he puts such heart and passion into every performance, I can’t help but be suckered into the whole experience. It is a thing of wonder and majesty to mine ears, so help me Sweet Baby Jesus.

Speaking of which, I went to the cinema with my fine-ass woman last night and acquiesced to her desires to watch Romantic French Nonsense, and I rather enjoyed that as well, even if the main character was a stupendous douche out of an annoying old car advert, and the soundtrack was rubbish. We tried Revels in the popcorn this time, and that worked rather splendidly also. Oh, sweet Baby Iesu And The Orphans, I love The Cinema. Of all of 21st Western Society’s Trappings, The Cinema is my favourite. That or The Shower. I would be forlorn to have to live in a world without either.

Did I mention we have a car now? It is a lovely big ole blue Saab, which I belive to be Norweigan or something bike that. It is a vast, boat of a thing, that one doesn’t so much seem to drive, rather aim in some direction or other and let it go... not that I know anything about driving, as I can’t. But I shall learn! You watch.

The car was a gift from my girl’s pops this Sunday. She was, as I may have mentioned, doing that Race For Life in Brighton with her big sister, in honour of her little sister, who got cancer last year (she got rid of it too, all praises due). And my girl actually ran the thing, 5k in total, as opposed to a good 90% of the 2000 plus attendees, who walked! Not that there’s anything wrong with walking. I  am great at walking, but if I run for more than 8 minutes I get a stitch. And this particular course was half Extreme Hill, so I was bloody impressed, let me tell you.

Back here I discover that ATD24 is going down very well indeed. I am so thrilled you like it. I am so thrilled I like it! It could have gone either way once the dust had settled and the ringing in my ears had subsided. Happily, it is bloody classy, and I want it on LP. Of all the stuff I’ve done, I think this is most suited to being on a 12″ slab of vinyl. Anyway, as with many of my projects this year I intent to focus in on a handful of the tracks on here – maybe even comp together videos for them from the footage – and I’d love to hear what songs you think should get that attention. If you haven’t already, go grab the CD quality track separated bundle which went up yesterday and is – f0r now – free of charge.

And tune into the Doncast this afternoon! I will be talking about ATD24, amongst other things, and taking your questions, which you can leave in the comments here, or send them via email if you like.

Finally, I will be performing at the 12 Bar Club in Denmark Street, London, a week on Friday. I have no idea what I will be doing, as my band are on a filming job, so I need to come up with something. Maybe an acoustic set. Or just me and a drum machine. Or I could get a sea shanty troupe and do everything acapella. What do you reckon?

— Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

Saturday, June 12th, 2010

Dr The Don wears the brand new OMEGA SANCTION shirts, in stock NOW

Well, I did it. I joined a gym, and I went three times this week. POW! Now all my upper muscles hurt. My legs are fine cos of all the cycling I do. My tits, not so much. My guns are all swole too. BANG BANG!

I have to admit, I got worried yesterday after I left the gym, since people have been giving me advice on Facebook and apparently you’re supposed to eat a load of protein after you’ve been to the gym, otherwise you die or something. Now, I KNEW I didn’t have any chicken to grill in the house or anything like that, so i bought one of those protein shakes. DICK MOVE DONOVAN! Damn, that ish is nasty! It took all my strength to keep that stuff down and not spray it all over my desk, if I am to be perfectly frank. And by Gosh did that foul swill proceed to do a number on my belly. I had to use similarly steely resolve to stop it bubbling over, like some witches cauldron. Never again!

Well, never say never. But still. Gross.

Anyway, Littles was over yesterday. We are recording NEW LITTLES MATERIAL, so get ready for that. Rah though, remember that Mike Skinner line in that song he did with Pro Green? That “never trust a man with two phones,” line?

Here’s Littles and his fleet of communication devices.

Shocking, I know.

OK. Let’s get a link going here. So, I’ve been getting PUMPED in the gym, and a lot of you have been getting PUMPED for ATD24! Like our friend Jamie, who writes:

Saw the Doncast, and it was AWESOME! Man you got me so pumped not only for ATD24 but now ATD25 as well! Damn! They’re just too far away! Saw the O.S Ts arrive, they look great, so I’m looking forward to finally getting mine. And let me take this opportunity to thank you for the Thieving CD, it really made my week, and definitely made the wait for the T-Shirt much more bearable. Loving all the music man, looking forward to TLE and of course the WWWY-TLE mix (any idea what you’re gonna call that?).

Cheers brother! I am hyped as hell about this ridiculous task I have set myself – a whole mixtape recorded, mixed and released in 24 hours, the whole process broadcast live. It’s gonna be HARDCORE to power of PI!

It’s also looking like we’re gonna be able to do broadcast in HD, and with multiple cameras, as your donations have been coming in and we are COMING CLOSE TO OUR GOAL!

Although our goal has shifted a little. Closer inspection of the Ustream site reveals the pro account with the streaming HD multi cameras is not $199, but $298!

Right now we’re on $143.66! Just $154 to go!

So click this button!

OR you can send money via paypal to zillazillazilla at gmail.com.

Donators will be rewarded with a copy of the EXCLUSIVE VERSION of the Akira The Don VS Joey2tits remix of dan le sac VS Scroobius Pip’s Great Britain, as played on the last Doncast. They will also get the RESPECT OF THEIR PEERS and shout outs on the mixtape, natch.

As for Jamie’s question about the name of that “WWWY-TLE mix“, all will (have to be) revealed SOON.

OK. Forget ye not! Those carbon neutral super cotton OMEGA SANCTION Ts are in stock NOW! As ever, they will sell out, so get your order in sharpish.

Right, I better get off. I have a wedding to go to, amongst other things. Let’s hope I don’t drink fifteen gallons of whisky and run away into the night like last time

— Saturday, June 12th, 2010

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

Damn, that holiday seems a long time ago now! I have been working my lil’ buns off ever since I got back. Much to consider.

But, first off, today I am STORMING SOME CHARTS!

The Hype Machine charts, to be exact. Right now Be Brave, from The Street Fighter Mixtape is sitting pretty at number 16 8 9 7 5 3. AMAZING! It’s been climing all day, following its appearance on the site (and outside the chart) last night, via the perma-dope musiclikedirt.com. If you can spare the time, get your ass over there and hit the Tweet This Track link. Actually, this seems to work. I have never been on a big chart on my own before (I know, that’s weird). This is a big deal to me! Serious! I am hyped!

Haha. “Hyped”.

In other news, Because you demanded it, I’m reprinting The Omega Sanction Ts. ON THAT AMAZING CARBON NEUTRAL ORGANIC COTTON!

Yes. We’ve been out of those joints for a while. BUT IT IS A DESIGN CLASSIC. And needs to be on that super comfy cotton. And guess what?

I am not increasing the cost, even though they cost me a bunch more. They’re still just £12.99. WOW!

They’ll be in next week. Order yours now to guarantee satisfaction!

Lalalala. I’m looking forward to rocking that. I was rocking my old one in Malta. It felt good. Did I mention I fell asleep on a lido and woke up half way out to bloody sea? I was way past the buoys, and the people on the shore were mere dots. It was a pretty amazing feeling. Well, once I’d got all the salt water out of my lungs. I woke up because the wake of a jet boat knocked my snoozing ass off my 2 euro lido. I thought I was gonna drown to death for a second! I think I deserved it. I’d been grumping ‘cos the sun was lurking behind a thin later of cloud. I still manage to amaze myself with my own dickery sometimes.

Imagine, grumping because of a thin layer of cloudl. In Malta? On holiday with family?

Dick move Donovan!

My goal this week – well, one of them – is to get through a whole week without making a single dick move. Starting now. I am going to get my friends, my girl, and YOU, dear reader, to judge. If I make a dick move I will have to pay some kind of forfeit. If I don’t, I will WIN!

Speaking of which, you’ve got till tomorrow to get your CAPTION CONTEST entries in. We’ve got some string one’s so far, but there’s still room for someone to come in and steal the show.


— Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

Monday, April 19th, 2010

What a difference a week makes, blah bah blah. This time last week Nick Clegg was a stupid sounding name and nothing more. Now I know he was Louis Theroux’s fag at public school, whatever that entails. I am sure it isn’t as gross as it sounds. My girlfriend tells me I have until the end of today to register to vote else I won’t be allowed. I have never voted in my life, FYI. The first year I was eligible, Tony Blair’s Neo Labour won. I didn’t feel my vote was necessary. Soon after that I decided that mainstream politics was a farce that I would never legitimise.

If I am being honest, my main concern has always been that if I put myself on the electoral roll I will be inundated by debt collectors, which says a lot more about me than it does mainstream politics. But every time I hear one of those shucksters’ lying voices oozing out of the speakers I know in my heart I am right… The only thing worth saying about Labour is that they are not the Tories… but a tiny part of me is still considering legitimising this foul sham with my very first X for one reason – Clegg’s lot are promising to get rid of the Digital Economy Bill.

Either way, that troublesome volcano should be serving as a handy metaphor right about now, but most of us miss the point, as ever. I, like Clegg, have family marooned in Spain. Naturally, my reaction was along the lines of, well, there are worse places to be stuck… and now I hear Our Government are sending their beastly battleships to pick up my Mum and my Uncle and my Auntie and everybody else. I am reminded, as I so often am, of Jeff Wayne’s War Of The Worlds. “Come on Thunderchild!”, crooned David Essex, around which time one of those giant three legged alien pod things appeared over the horizon and set good ole Thunderchild on fire with its awesome Heat Ray. Glub glub glub. Not that I am fearing a Martian sequel to the Icelandic volcano or anything. I’m just saying.

Can you tell I am in A Funk? It has been creeping around my periphery for a little while now, and today it has me firmly in its grasp. I felt devastated earlier, as sleep defiantly fled my tired old body, leaving me gasping and shuddering like some shipwrecked castaway who expected a desert island and instead found himself spread eagled on a slicked-black shore of foaming scum and screaming gulls, their necks trapped in plastic six pack rings.

Right now, in my swivel chair, I feel resigned to my situation. What else can I do? I know that I have many many many reasons to be entirely joyful. I am not starving. Both my legs work, most my senses… I will find a way.

Hey! Here’s a bit of a beat I was working on last night. I like it, anyway.

— Monday, April 19th, 2010

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

Akira The Don – ATD22: Superhero Music

Akira The Don

Damn, that was intense. That got deep back there. But it is done. The wait is over, ladies…


It is all but done!

I am giving it a once over now, then I’m gonna play it on the Doncast at 5pm GMT!

Then I am gonna do a final master tweak, render it and chop it and tag it and zip it and up it to preorderers. And finish the art. Then up the stream.


— Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

By Akira The Don on Monday, November 30th, 2009


STREAM: Gucci Mane ft. Cam’ron & Lil Wayne – Stupid Wild

DAMN this is BANANAMAN! Eat that Reynolds! COTANG!

— By Akira The Don on Monday, November 30th, 2009