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Good job those Romans invented Christianity so they could force feudalism down our throats, Praise Jesus. From Disinfo:

The Mason family purchased an abandoned orchard and moved out of public housing. Their self-sustaining lifestyle has baffled local authorities however, who have ordered them to give up their property or face jail time. This Is Devon writes:

A family living an “off-grid” lifestyle say they face prison unless they move from their own land in Willand and return to a [regular] existence. Stig and Dinah Mason bought Muxbeare Orchard after a sudden windfall allowed them to quit their impoverished lives on a Hertfordshire council estate two years ago.

The Masons have transformed what they described as a derelict four-acre plot into a haven of self-sufficiency boasting a 400 sq m allotment, a polytunnel and greenhouses to grow fruit and vegetables, chickens for egg production and an orchard they have regenerated by planting around 14 new apple trees of various species. Dinah was bequeathed money from the sudden death of her aunt and £47,000 was spent on the land to create the smallholding where wood burners and solar panels provide their energy needs.

The couple, who have two boys, aged eight and nine, say because they moved onto the site in order to work the land, Mid Devon District Council is turfing them off as officers do not consider them to be conserving an agricultural area.

Dinah’s income currently provides the family with everything they need which they cannot grow themselves but is unlikely to stretch to cover kennelling costs for their dog, Moo.

They say they currently receive no state hand-outs but by giving up their “off grid” way of life, they fear they will end up in a council house, claiming housing and council tax benefits, as well as seeking grants to help pay for high utility bills.

Anne Wallington, whose family has had an interest in the village for 44 years, wrote to the council in support of the Masons by praising their hard work in reclaiming what was “rapidly becoming derelict land.” David Thompson, who also lives in the village, said “they are trying to live up to the Government’s pledge to take better care of the environment and this is the last orchard in the vicinity of Willand.”

John Clarke, planning enforcement officer, said: “To get planning permission to move onto agricultural land, you have to prove first there is a need for someone to live there, for example, to tend livestock and look after crops, and second, that the enterprise can provide living income for at least one worker.

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By Akira The Don on Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

“You have the emergence in human society of this thing that’s called
The State. What is the State? The State is this organized bureaucracy
It is the police department. It is the Army, the Navy. It is the prison
System, the courts, and what have you. This is the State; it is a repressive
Organization. But the state and gee well, you know, you’ve got to have the
Police because if there were no police, look at what you’d be doing to
Yourselves — you’d be killing each other if there were no police! But the
Reality is the police become necessary in human society only at that junction
In human society where it is split between those who have and those who ain’t got…”

Dude this is emotional.

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Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 21.13.24Shout out Jamie, this is fucking awesome. And shout out Ben Official for hipping man to the ting, i missed it dropping cos I was in LA riding that WAVE.



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“Time to grind motherfuckers.”


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Littles, his lickle brawd Youngs along with P Double and Reeper = #COS.


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Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

So you checked that ill ass Footsie riddim I posted earlier, right? That joint was Foots’ answer to the war cry kicked off by JME earlier, in which producers were challenged to go to war with mighty riddims. Well, Don took that challenge, and hit them off with this badboy:

Shit is getting an ace response and has done 600 plays in 2 hours.

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 20.02.49Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 20.03.33 Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 20.03.09

That was just a jab though. Round 2′s coming up and I have some fucking NAPALM ready to drop on these heathens.

EDIT: Here is some PRPRXPRS unexpected BOOM!



Check the rest of the combatants in this handy Grime Forum playlist. Some excellent shit in here.

Oh, and that uptop’s me and my lil nephew Hanzo Kanyama Deacon singing the Power Rangers theme like Gs.


PS – don’t forget I dropped this new video this morning! WHAT A GREAT DAY!

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