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Red Ice examines why in the name of the sweet baby Jesus Pirate Bay Co-founder Gottfrid Svartholm Warg was extradited from Cambodia after being acquitted, and currently languishes  in solitary confinement in Denmark.


Pirate Bay cofounder reportedly held in solitary confinement
BitTorrent Torture: Denmark Sets Example With Pirate Bay Co-founder
WikiLeaks consultant Gottfrid Svartholm Warg extradited from Sweden after alleged access to NSA contractor CSC
Letter by Anakata’s mother, Kristina Svartholm, to Fair Trials International (August 2013) (pdf)

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The rigorous thinkers over at Red Ice take apart the interview that shook the internets, specifically the aspect of it that irked me, Brand’s ill thought and doomed solution of “admin bods” and socialism. As I said already, I agree with him on not cosigning a corrupt system by engaging in it by voting for an infinity of identikit slaves to the corporatocracy, but I do not believe the solution is “admin bods” for the same reason I think The Venus Project is a bad idea – who decides who these “Admin Bods” are? Who stops them turning into predatory swine once the inevitable corruption of power gets under way? And I certainly do not believe it is socialism, atop which there is still the same elite of predatory assholes. At least under capitalism I can make songs and sell T Shirts.

However, I do not agree with Learned Henrick that a person can’t call for change without first having come up with that change, and I think that more people considering an existence outside the very limited one we currently know is a good thing. As ever, Don’t Jump Off.

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By Akira The Don on Monday, July 16th, 2012

From Digital Journal:

A former Swedish naval oficer and World War II expert Anders Autellus has said that sonar scans suggest that the “UFO” at the bottom of the Baltic Ocean could be part of a World War II Nazi anti-submarine device.

According to Autellus, the object could be the base of a device the Nazis developed as part of the war effort. Autellus said the Nazis built anti-submarine device using wire mesh to confuse submarine radar and lead the enemy craft to crash.

Autellus explains that the “UFO” structure could be an anchor or base of one of the German Nazi military devices for blocking British and Russian submarines in the area.

The Daily Mail reports that Autellus says the steel and concrete structure could be a very important World War II history find. An expert said: “The area was vital to the German war machine because most of the ball bearings for its tanks and trucks came from here. Without them the German army would have ground to a halt. This device dwarfs anything ever found before and is an important weapons discovery.”

Autellus told the Swedish newspaper Expressen, that the Germans built anti-submarine devices to make navigation more difficult for Soviet submarines during World War II. He said the British also built similar structures during World War II.

Autellus said the object was possibly constructed using “double-skinned” concrete which serve as anchor for holding steel wire mesh structures designed to interfere with radar signals. He said that the wire mesh structures might have have eroded away over the years leaving the holes shown on the images provided by the Ocean X team.

Stefan Hogeborn, a professional diver and member of the Ocean X team, agrees with Autellus. He said: “It is a good candidate for the answer to this mystery. The object lies directly underneath a shipping route. It would be of enormous weight in steel and concrete.” He notes, however, that the known “Nazi anti-sub anchoring devices were nowhere near as large.”

According to Guerrilla Explorer, during World War II, the Nazis were in control of the Baltic Sea. But Soviet submarines would sneak into it from the Gulf of Finland. The Soviets had destroyed more than 20 German ships by 1942. In March 1943, the Nazis installed a 30 nautical mile long anti-submarine net across the Gulf of Finland, using two layers of steel mesh.

Guerrilla Explorer explains that what Autellus is saying is that the circle of the Baltic UFO was an old anchor for one of these nets with the actual net either removed or rusted away. The website says that according to Autellus’s theory, “The strange ‘egg shaped’ hole found on the Circle could be an old attachment for the net… Also, the net could’ve caused the tracks… it might’ve dragged along the seabed at one point. Or it might’ve just sank and spread out.”

Although Hogeborn thinks Autellus’s theory is credible, Peter Lindberg, a member of the Ocean X team, expressed doubt in an interview, saying that he was 99% certain the “Circle” was a natural formation. He says the anti-submarine anchor theory doesn’t explain the blackened interior of the “Circle,” nor does it explain the lack of silt in the area.

Guerilla Explorer also points out that the major difficulty in Autellus’s theory is that the circular anchors the Germans used were very small (see video above, at 0.33) compared with the “Circle” in the Ocean X object which is about 200 feet in diameter

Digital Journal reported that the Ocean X team investigating the underwater object say they have had difficulty conducting a close scrutiny of the object because their electrical equipment stop working when they approach within 200m.

The Daily Mail reports that according to the professional diver Hogeborn, some of the team’s cameras and the team’s satellite phone stop working when they are directly above or close to the object, and start working only after they have sailed away. Hogeborn said: “Anything electric out there – and the satellite phone as well – stopped working when we were above the object. And then we got away about 200 meters and it turned on again, and when we got back over the object it didn’t work.”

It is uncertain, however, why an anchor for a wire mesh anti-submarine device should disable electrical equipment.

Read more: http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/328411#ixzz20oI20Q2O

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“Why would I want to do that? In space you have to wear diapers!”

Following her big week as the Twitter mouthpiece of the mighty country of Sweden, the author of the single gretaest national Twitter account of all time reflects.

I am starting to think this human is the living reincarnation of Bill Hicks.

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Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

Bore Da Brawdren! Your buddy ATD is back like cooked crack with another DON VLOG, this one recorded on the auspicious date of the twelth of the sixth twenty twelve.

In this legendary vlog I pour righteous ire upon the foolishness of that goddamn Prometheus Space Jesus Bollocks theory that everyone and their mum has been tweeting at me of late – wherein it is suggested that the reason the engineers in Prometheus were pissed off with us is that they sent Space jesus to save us 2000 years ago and we kil’t his Voldemort-looking un-semetic ass – which some feel explains the film and proves that it is not retarded crap written by the screenwriting equivalent of Rob Liefeld but in fact amazing theological deep shit that’s been flying over the heads of us doofuses like so many homing doves carrying THE TRUTH back up to the heavnes from whence they came. Well I say BOLLOCKS to that swinedip, and if you really think that Ridley Scott and DayMUHN’s rehashing the plot of Chris de Burgh’s A Spaceman Came Traveling is creating something of such depth we mere mortals cannot understand it I have a Justin Bieber LP for you to spend the next week dissecting the theological worth of on your cotdurned Livejournal.

“When two thousand years of you life have gone bye… the song will return once again.. to a xeno’s cry… and it went


Lord have mercy on us all.

Elsewhere in that vlog up there I answer your burning questions, that you left on my Facebook page yesterday. Thank you for your interest, and feel free to hit me up with any questions or requests you have for next week’s vlog.

Now let’s hand over to the channels, and some of the stuff I have been receiving.

That was my birthday last year. What a great day! People email me asking when I am touring again most days, and I am afraid I simply haven’t the time or resources to out one together on my own, so I am gonna focus on my album and hire some people to help me do it. I am however plotting a special one off gig for the end of summer, and I will give you details of that as soon as I have them.

I did a bunch of massive post runs last week, which took the best part of three days and covered me in paper cuts, but it is always hugely gratifying to see people’s reactions when they get their swag in the post. As mentioned previously, last week’s stock check has revealled tme to be stupidly low on almost everything (2 Superman Ts in medium! 3 Revolution in medium! Etc!), so I suggest you get in there quick and grab everything before it’s gone for ever.

Meanwhile I am working on a bunch of NEW STUFF, including some designs based on your lyric T suggestions as posted on my Facebook page. As ever, feel free to hit me u with sugggestions for stuff you’d like me to make for you. I live to serve.

Speaking of which, I reupped 3rd hand Wire Riffs to the mixtape section, as it was mysteriously absent. Holla if you spot anything else amiss and I shall endeavour to fix it.

And with that, I must bif you a fon farewell. I have a 60 minute mix to complete for tomorrow lunchtime, the sequel to an ambient one I did on Sunday. It’s a private comission, to be played at the )2 as part of some festivities, but maybe I’ll be able to let you hear it some day. it is beautiful and i love it, and it remidned me what I loved about my early mixtapes, all that chopping up fragments of audio and weaving together slabs of other people’s music in an evocative fashion. Maybe I’ll do another TAD tape in that mould. Or maybe I’ll carry on making ever more ambitious post-album projects. WE SHALL SEE!

Oh, and before I forget, make sure you check out the @sweden feed on twitter, manned by regular humans who change on a weekly basis. It’s amazing. Earlier I noticed it’s hilarious, but I later noticed it is also RIGHTEOUS!

Shout outs and high fives then, to this week’s Sweden Tweeter, Sonia Abrahamson, “ a 27-year old womanlike human being from northern Sweden [where] people there are relatives and they all own tractors… I’m a single and low educated mother, but at least I don’t do drugs and prostitution.”



I put Thunderchrist on Youtube as a track separated playlist! For your convenience! I LIVE TO SERVE!

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