By Akira The Don on Saturday, February 18th, 2012


— By Akira The Don on Saturday, February 18th, 2012

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

Remember late last year I did a show for Oxjam in Walthamstow, and B Dolan came onstage and did BOOM! With us? And how everyone was like, damn, if only someone had taped that?

Well, someone taped that.


Shout out Music Like Dirt and @ryanmcavoy for that lil slice of history right there.

Now, I have been rather Unwell, unfortunately… so I will not be writing a great deal here as I have a shitload to catch up on. My washing machine has also flooded the kitchen, which needs attending to.

But here’s a thing. After I posted the Interesting Times video, I pretty much went to bed for 24 hours, occasionally rising to vomit… therefore i didn’t do my usual emailing or tweeting about the thing. I didn’t even choose a thumbnail image for the video… Yet somehow it got more views in its first 24 hours online (15,000) than, say, Babydoll did in a month.

There was, of course, a perfectly scientific explanation, however:

Of course! Youtube’s auto generated picture of Charlotte. Genius. To think, had Youtube auto-generated an image of, say, me and my glorious torso, we could be in billion-plus Beiber territory. Amen.

Here, have some beautiful music and photography.

— Thursday, February 16th, 2012

Friday, October 21st, 2011

Photo by Charlotte Narkiewicz

— Friday, October 21st, 2011

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

You heard that correctly brothers and sisters! In just a fortnight, me and DJ Jack Nimble will be returning to the arena of LIVE after a three month sabbatical to play righteous jams and party like it’s 2011. WHICH IT IS!

Also playing are Barbarossa, The Melting Ice Caps and my buddy POLARBEAR!


It’s for CHARITY!


Let me hand the mike over to the organisers (who didn’t ask me to play until after they’d made the flyer or something, hence me not being on it, yeah right nice excuse etc.):

On Wednesday October the 19th 2011 Music Like Dirt is organising a charity concert as part of Oxfam’s month long “Oxjam Festival“.  All proceeds from the night will go to help Oxfam’s work and some of my favourite bands and musicians have kindly agreed to play. There are styles to suit all tastes, from indie to pop, to hip-hop to electronic soul…So great music, great cause… its a win win!

Ahead of his 11 night run at Camden’s Roundhouse, the highly acclaimed PolarBear will be bringing his beguiling mix of spoken word and hip hop to Walthamstow.  Barbarossa aka James Mathe performed a session for Music Like Dirt earlier in the year, and his gorgeous track “Stones” recently featured in US Series “How I Met Your Mother“.  Blessed with a gorgeous voice and a knack for tying lovely melodies to melancholic lo-fi electronics, he’ll be playing a stripped down set. One not to miss.
Also on the bill are MLD favourites, The Melting Ice Caps with tales of love, loss and betrayal courtesy of lead singer David Shah. Reminiscent of the great English lyricists, Heaton, Tennant, Morrissey… able to craft intelligent, witty lyrics but with a slice of pop to embed them in your brain.

Knitting it all together will be the one man multimedia empire Akira The Don who’ll be performing as well as hosting the evening.

Get your tickets from WeGotTickets.com for £6 (£5 if bought before end of September)

Can’t make it along but still like to support our fundrasing efforts?

There’s a Justgiving page which gives extra cash to Oxfam if you’re a UK taxpayer – OXJAM WALTHAMSTOW JUSTGIVING.
You can also donate via text message:
Text HQJB81 followed by the amount to the number: 70070 – eg to give £1 text “HQJB81£1″ to 70070.  You wont incur any extra charge for the text.

The Standard Music Venue is literally across the road from Blackhorse Road tube station, 20 minutes from Oxford Circus on the Victoria Line (or close to St James Street Station for those coming from Liverpool Street on the train).

— Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009


Bad news – Wise music blog machine Music Like Dirt was supposed to be at South By South West right now, but an overzealous mean person at the airport decided their passport had “a split on it that poses a security threat,” to both Music Like Dirt, “and the United States.”

Sheeet. I better get a new one. Mine’s been in the washing machine and everything. Not that the Spanish minded. Goddamnit! I don’t ewanna be on that ID Card database! Where’s my CIA contacts when I need them?

So. Yeah. Bad news for Music Like Dirt. So I come with the good news – they’ve got the exclusive on my Air France remix.

(Bet that totally makes up for it…)

Head over there and check it out at your leisure.

Acapella, artwork, all that over here later on.


— Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

Bye Bye Bush!

Well, that’s that then. Off to The Phantom Zone Texas he goes.

In the words of Stan’s Dad: “See ya!”

Will we ever see another like him? Was that strange, overgrown toddler really The President? Did our reality accidentally crash into Bizarro Word sometime around the millennium? Will we all wake in a few weeks and forget any of it ever happened?

“We’ve created two worlds,” said crazy Jack Bower in a recent episode of Fox’s incredible meme-blaster, 24. “Their world – the world we’re supposed to protect, and ours.”

If nothing else, the past 8 years saw “their world” – a gross and crazy twilight zone full of rape and incest and murder and botched plots, career crazily into to ours, like a school bus driven by a woeful drunk, mad with sadness after discovering his wife of 36 years to have buggered off to Cancun with the contents of their shared bank account, and milkman called Bob.

“He was incredible,” said a woman to me today on the train. “He couldn’t do anything right!”

Maybe. Depends whose idea of “right” you’re thinking about. And, to paraphrase B.O.B., when nothing’s right, go left.

To quote a man who would probably have rather enjoyed today, “it was weird, Bubba”.

Cheney Salutes His Lord Satan

What happens next? That creepy bastard up there won’t be around to blame anymore. Perhaps “their world” will appear to shrink back into the shadows now.  But don’t worry, not much has changed – the lamp just got moved, that’s all.

Still, never mind that. My new album is awesome, and I am excited as hell about this year. As I was saying in my podcast, last year was all about Acquiring Skills, Learning My Craft, getting Good Enough. I think I’m pretty much ready.

Akira The Don + Gonzales = Awesome

Shout outs to Music Like Dirt, who listed my Gonzales remix at the top of their 200 Best Songs Of 08 list! I quote:

1. GONZALES‘Working Together (Akira The Don Remix)’ (MP3)
I’m signed up with Hackney Freecycle… I got a free fishtank… its delightful

In the process of compiling this list most of the top ten were at some point pencilled in as my favourite of the year. Each has its own merits as No.1 whether it’s my most listened to, the one with the best song writing or maybe the most innovative. All good reasons but in the end I opted for this simple question “Which track made you happiest?” and to that there is only one answer: Gonzo & Akira.

Misery’s not an option when listening to the stomping piano of Gonzales coupled with the wit and infectious enthusiasm of Akira The Don’s raps. On his blog Akira says he “got all excited” when he heard Gonzo’s new tune and spent the next day remixing it.
Akira always writes the most hilariously quotable raps and “Working Together” is no exception. It takes in everything from how good Freecycle is to his girlfriend pointing out the lack of space for a pig in their flat!
You can read more about the remix and all the other stuff he got from Hackney Freecycle on his blog.
If you bookmark only one blog make it Akira’s for exclusive MP3’s, a superb free mixtape, video’s, comic strips, and of course the “Thanks For All The AIDS” tshirt – the man is a god damn one man multimedia empire! In his latest post he even manages to pen the most eloquent tribute to Tony Hart I’ve read. (RIP Tony).

Akira also joined Gonzales on stage to perform the remix live back in May, and were it not for seeing Kraftwerk in a Polish steel factory, it may have been my gig of the year. Look out for “A fuck-off massive pop album” from Akira soon and if you keep an eye on the blog he’ll probably rope you into singing on it.

Forget Little Boots, if there’s any justice, 09 will be the year of the Don.

Check the rest of the list, which is full of treasure, here.

Elsewhere on the internets, a lady fashion blogger at a website called Clicka Clicka has accused me of both heeding the Guardian, and trying to look like Kurt Cobain (I take the latter as a backhanded compliment).

“Yes, that is the Salvador Dali of UK Hip-Hop, Akira the Don,” she writes, beneath this picture. “And yes he is donning (har har) a breton in some sort of attempt to look like Kurt reincarnate.”

Well, you learn something new every day, if you’re lucky. I had no idea my stripey long sleeved T thing was a “breton”. And I don’t read The Guardian! Anyways, I found the thing on a beach in Spain! I love it because it fits me, and makes me look handsome! And I’ve got another one just like that I’ve had since the late nineties, that is now too small for me and rises above my totally-loveable 20-something belly-bulge! So there!

Anyway, perhaps the nice lady at Clicka Clicka can help me out – I am actually looking for something a little similar, but with bigger stripes, in black and neon-purple. It came to me in a dream – me and my band were all wearing them, and we looked awesome. Please somebody don’t tell me that’s what Topshop have going on this year. Or sod it, do, and I’ll buy a batch regardless. Dreams don’t lie. Unless they’re MLK’s Gabrielle’s.

— Tuesday, January 20th, 2009