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Goodbye performance from GD. SEE YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE BRAWD!

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Le dopeness. Has dude really dropped the Mr Muthafuckin’ from his name tho?

Kinda pissed I didn’t think of this video concept.

Hold tight that Zappa quote at the end, that’s exactly what I think and one of a number of reasons I’m keeping HErcules away from that shitshow.

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 00.51.11

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Did you see that amazing movie? I forgot to post it. Hang on.

Ahhhh, here we go.

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Why have I only just heard of this woman?


“And my flow sick like a HIV dick you’d think I do Magic.”


This is gonna be on a million, watch.



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By Akira The Don on Thursday, August 16th, 2012

More shocking Universal fuckery, via Techdirt:

We keep talking about how the DMCA takedown process, all too frequently, is used to stifle speech, and defenders of the system claim that it’s ridiculous to bring up the First Amendment in a discussion on copyright. But here’s yet another (in a very long list) of examples. Henry Adaso wrote a short, but marginally negative review of Drake’s album Take Care. The review was posted to About.com last November. The entire review reads:

Drake – ‘Take Care’

A briefly entertaining, occasionally ponderous, sometimes lazy, sometimes brilliant, slow-rolling, rap-singy, bulls-eye missing, kitten-friendly, runway-ready, mega corny, lip-smacking, self-conscious, self-correcting, self-indulging, finely tuned, Houston infatuated, crowd pleasing, delightfully weird, emotionally raw, limp, wet, innocuous, cute, plush, brooding, musical, whimsical, exotic, pensive, V-necked, quasi-American, strutting, doting, cloying, safe alternative to sleeping pills.

Best Song: “Lord Knows”

Release Date: November 15, 2011Not particularly positive, but not particularly scathing either. He also posted another post on About.com that merely pointed to that review, but included no additional content other than that he wrote a 50-word review.

Either way, both of those links are gone from Google’s search. Why? Because just as someone filed a bogus DMCA to take down one of our key SOPA posts, Universal Music, via the BPI (British RIAA) filed a DMCA notice with Google claiming that both of those pages were infringing. That’s clearly a false takedown, and pretty clearly designed to stifle a negative review.

Adaso discusses all of this in his own blog post, in which he suggests that perhaps Universal and BMI are purposely trying to take down negative reviews, though it’s equally likely that they’re just incredibly incompetent. Still, whether incompetence or malice, it’s clear that the DMCA is being used to censor and stifle speech, and in this case it just so happens to be speech in the form of a negative review of a Universal Music Artist (a Universal Music artist who has alsoexpressed displeasure with how Universal has used copyright law against his own best interests).

But, no, there’s no free speech concerns around the DMCA, right?

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Friday, June 8th, 2012

I first noticed that one could sing Justin Bieber’s weirdly chirpy Baby over CBoyardee‘s pathos ridden Robocop cover a few months back. As a TV-less human that doesn’t listen to pop radio, I wasn’t massively familiar with the Bieber song, but had recently listened to it as I’d heard the genius Terius Nash, AKA The-Dream wrote the song.

It occurred to me that, minus the over zealous synth pop-rap production and the ludicrously cheery video (replete with a cameo from a joyful Drake eagerly egging on the dancing Bieber) one is left with a truly tragic and perfectly realised ode to that most Shakespearian emotion: teenage love. Sung over CBoyardee’s brilliant, heartbreaking production, one gets an idea of Terius’ true intent when crafting the song.

What you see above is my recording of the main vocal, which I performed in ONE TAKE, in the manner of the head fo a company, before adding a bunch of autotune and backing vocals, giving it that dreamy pathos robot vibe.

Shout out Terius Nash, and CBoyardee, who I just noticed has revived his beloved Youtube channel! Look out for some future original rap recordings from me and CBRD – we’ve been in email contact and he’s sent me some amazing music.


08/06/2012, Nu Olympia

— Friday, June 8th, 2012