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Just like here in the UK, polices are running rampant and klling at will with no fear of reprisal. Where’s the international outrage? Dude, they set DOGS on CHILDREN! Guess they been watching Batman too, huh? Where’s Obama?

ANAHEIM, Calif. (AP) — An officer-involved shooting in this Orange County city that left an unarmed man dead and led to a violent clash between witnesses and police has stirred anger for a second night.

Protesters gathered near the shooting scene Sunday night and expressed their outrage by setting fire to a Dumpster and moving it into the street numerous times as police monitored the scene from a helicopter.

The tense scene followed a day of protest where a crowd stormed the Anaheim Police headquarters‘ lobby as the police chief prepared to hold a news conference to discuss the case.

The protesters chanted “no justice, no peace” and “cops, pigs, murderers” as officers stood by and watched.

Police Chief John Welter said two officers were placed on paid leave after one of them fatally shot 24-year-old Manuel Diaz Saturday afternoon.

He said the officers approached three men who were acting suspiciously in an alleyway when they ran away. One of the officers chased Diaz to the front of an apartment complex where the shooting occurred.

Welter would not say what led the officer to shoot Diaz, citing an independent investigation by the county’s district attorney office. Police said Diaz was a known gang member.

The shooting sparked a melee in the neighborhood as some threw rocks and bottles at officers who were securing the scene for investigators to collect evidence. Sgt. Bob Dunn, the department’s spokesman, said that as officers detained an instigator, the crowd advanced on officers so they fired bean bags and pepper balls at them.

Video captured by a KCAL-TV crew showed a chaotic scene as some people ducked to the ground and others scattered screaming. A man is seen yelling at an officer even as a weapon is pointed at him; two adults huddled to shield a boy and girl. Meanwhile, a police dog charged at several people sitting on the grass, including a woman and a child in a stroller, before biting a man in the arm.

Dunn said the dog accidentally got out of a patrol car. He said he didn’t know whether police warned the crowd to disperse before firing the rubber bullets and pepper balls.

Throughout the night, police in multiple marked and unmarked squad cars attempted to control an unruly crowd gathered near the shooting scene, where some moved a Dumpster into an intersection and set its trash on fire.

Dunn said five people, two of them juveniles, were arrested during the unrest.

OC Weekly reports:

A chaotic scene erupted in an Anaheim neighborhood on Saturday night when police fired rubber bullets on residents who were gathering near Anna Drive and La Palma Avenuedemanding answers after an officer-involved shooting in the neighborhood.

CBS-KCAL reported Anaheim police fired rubber bullets into the crowd of terrified residents, including children, after a gathering of about a hundred angry residents formed.
Video from CBS News shows police unleashing a K-9 dog in front of a group of children and police firing rubber bullets — seemingly at no one in particular.


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Thursday, February 16th, 2012

Remember late last year I did a show for Oxjam in Walthamstow, and B Dolan came onstage and did BOOM! With us? And how everyone was like, damn, if only someone had taped that?

Well, someone taped that.


Shout out Music Like Dirt and @ryanmcavoy for that lil slice of history right there.

Now, I have been rather Unwell, unfortunately… so I will not be writing a great deal here as I have a shitload to catch up on. My washing machine has also flooded the kitchen, which needs attending to.

But here’s a thing. After I posted the Interesting Times video, I pretty much went to bed for 24 hours, occasionally rising to vomit… therefore i didn’t do my usual emailing or tweeting about the thing. I didn’t even choose a thumbnail image for the video… Yet somehow it got more views in its first 24 hours online (15,000) than, say, Babydoll did in a month.

There was, of course, a perfectly scientific explanation, however:

Of course! Youtube’s auto generated picture of Charlotte. Genius. To think, had Youtube auto-generated an image of, say, me and my glorious torso, we could be in billion-plus Beiber territory. Amen.

Here, have some beautiful music and photography.

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Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

Welcome to the all new akirathedon.com!


After those clowns at Hulkshare went all SOPA on my ass (fuck Cary Sherman!), I did what any self respecting human would do and moved my shit the fuck out of there. What terrible hosts they were! Imagine you went to a party and the host gave you some Ferrero Rochet, only it wasn’t Ferrero Rochet at all, it was gnarly old cow eyeballs in foil wrapping. Or the host gave you nothing, glared at you all night, then blamed you for killing their dog when you did no such thing. Then drugged you, waited for you to collapse, then carried you outside and dumped you on the pavement . In some dogshit. In the rain.

That level of hosting.

I now have a new home with a nice American called Tom. I am toasting the move with a Sansbury’s Own Brand Bourbon and Pepsi.


I got that picture up there via Twitter, from some of the people we partied with at V last year.

It was serendipitous as I’d just replied to am email about doing it again this year, in a bigger and better fashion. I take the photo as a sign. As far as I am concerned, ATD at V 2012 is on.


Elsewhere on Twitter, I started a mexican wave, and threatened to blow up the queen, and the #TWITTERJOKETRAIL judges’collective mum.

In case you weren’t aware, British judges are currently deliberating whether a man who Tweeted that he was going to blow up an airport was joking or not. Fucking insane asylum of a country that I live in. I was tweeted this afternoon by a gentleman saying he was now worried to speak his mind for fear of getting arrested. Don’t you ever be sacred of these idiot swine my brothers and sisters! They can’t even tie their shoelaces! And they certainly can’t arrest us all! So go out there and threaten to blow things up on social media sites! It is your birthright! And mine!

Don is onomatopoeic Japanese for BOOM! you know.

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Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

— Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

By Akira The Don on Sunday, October 2nd, 2011

Watch live streaming video from globalrevolution at livestream.com

NYPD employing Gaza tactics kettling thousands of non-violent protestors on the Brooklyn bridge RIGHT NOW

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By Akira The Don on Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011


In case you never saw British Tv in the nineties, that woman was on it all the time and ADVERTISED SOME CHOCOLATE BAR AT HER OWN WEDDING.

So it’s OK to laugh.

— By Akira The Don on Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011