I Am Not Dead (Yeah!)

Akira The Don

  • Uploaded on
    October 30, 2009
  • Recorded at
    Stephen Hague's Beautiful Barn, Rye & Don Studios IV, London
  • Produced by
    Stephen Hague & Akira The Don
  • Mixed by
    Stephen Hague & Akira The Don

Also included is the I Am Not Dead (Yeah!) video, the artwork, and a beautiful handcrafted PDF file with all the lyrics in it.


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  1. zenp
    October 30, 2009
    4:33 pm

    …awesome! I have dreams like this (different casting)…

    ‘,,,the most effective way to contain the rise of the undead is to hit hard, and hit often…’:



  2. Hunchbakk
    October 30, 2009
    5:04 pm

    did i dream getting dressed up as a zombie and going to a gig in holloway

    cool video AK and looking forward to the new EP when it drops into my inbox, but where are the scenes from The Gaff – i'm guessin they didnt fit with the concept by the end of it or something – will we see them included on the special edition directors cut DVD with multiple camera angles and numerous commentaries??

  3. Tim
    October 30, 2009
    6:12 pm

    Fucking A brother!

    It looks great… see you tomorrow for Halloween fun.


  4. silentbob69
    October 30, 2009
    9:12 pm

    Nice one man..is it coming out on blu ray? Betamax? Laserdisc?

  5. medicating
    October 31, 2009
    4:07 am

    This is so WIN!!! Yeah, I'm falling apart, I might look like a clone but…

  6. Raydome
    October 31, 2009
    6:04 pm

    HAHA, sick, Batman and the mad monk is in there too :p

    Looks sweet man, well done to everyone involved. Good work :)

  7. sparky
    October 31, 2009
    8:19 pm

    Shit, you weren't joking about having the best song ever about resisting the zombie scum. As soon as I get my paycheck, gonna need to buy this just for Aim for the Brain, though doesn't hurt that the rest of the songs are also ace.

  8. medicating
    October 31, 2009
    9:07 pm

    and a nice mp4 of the video..

  9. VictoriousJones
    October 31, 2009
    10:36 pm

    All songs are pretty decent, but 5 songs for $6 and some change USD is more expensive than itunes….

  10. Akira The Don
    November 2, 2009
    11:49 am

    Plus Video, Plus PDF, PLUS awesome intro outro tracks which's still cos as much as a track each on iTUNES, PLUS I physically send each one out myself cos I still haven't got an automated system. HOWEVER – I Am Not Dead (Yeah!) IS on iTunes.

  11. Julia Indelicate
    November 2, 2009
    3:56 pm

    It's ace :) t shirts look ace too :)

  12. Uncle Martin
    November 3, 2009
    12:51 pm

    Any MAC users having problems with the download….just remove the .txt from the file name,so leaving just .rar Then un-rar with a program like "MacPar deLuxe" !

    It's a catchy little bugger !! http://www.akirathedon.com/wp-includes/images/smi

  13. Akira The Don
    November 3, 2009
    12:58 pm

    Thanks for that! Y'all think I should stop using .rars and move to something else? Any ideas?

  14. Uncle Martin
    November 3, 2009
    1:26 pm

    .rars are fine ….its just on some versions of Apple's OSX get a bit confused with them ! .zips are o.k on both platforms.

    ……….Just bouncing around to the "remix" !!

  15. Grey
    November 4, 2009
    1:56 am

    .rars are cool for us peeps with winrar. the sorry suckers who dont know what .rars are though might do better with .zips. Also, where is this boat on which the epic party will take place? I can get the tube but swimming just aint my thing.

  16. donovan
    November 12, 2009
    8:42 pm

    saw this and thought it would be appropriate here.

    How Everything Goes to Hell During a Zombie Apocalypse

  17. Raydome
    June 25, 2010
    6:43 pm

    I just realised where the noise from the iANDY remix intro comes from 😛

  18. Freakke The Clown
    September 22, 2011
    4:11 pm

    As a fan of zombie fiction and literature, I feel these are some really good tunes in context of the erratic survivor, the mournful man looking back on the way things were, and that of the faded memories of the dead. As a fan of music, these are some great tunes.  Powerful and moving in light of The Day ODB Died and It Could Never Happen Here.  Energetic and kind of uplifting for I am Not Dead(yeah) and its remix and Aim for the Brain.  Great intro and outro.  The one problem is…You Are Dead…Yeah…Zombie Akira the Don anyone?

  19. Anonymous
    September 22, 2011
    6:18 pm


  20. Freakke The Clown
    September 23, 2011
    11:04 am

    Quiet you, your supposed to be dead…

    I joke way too much.  My apologies.  😛

  21. Anonymous
    September 23, 2011
    11:57 am

    If i WAS dead i would likely claim i wasnt….

    sent from my zphone

  22. Freakke The Clown
    September 23, 2011
    12:49 pm

    So then you are dead?  Or that guy from the Holy Grail movie, in which case ‘You’ll be stone dead in a moment’.  And in either case, you’re still a lively dead guy.  In the case none of this makes any sense, Super Mario it, use a 1up Mushroom, and tell the undead and clowns alike to stuff it.  Case closed…I think…

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