Princess Superstar – Push You Away (MIDNITEMEN Official Remix)

Princess Superstar - About To Blow

Sometimes it is important to step back a second and notice when you achieve something. This week, my new band MIDNITEMEN got their first official remix release, as part of godlike cosmic warrior goddess Princess Superstar’s ABOUT TO BLOW E.P. We did the remix on spec some months back, and P$ loved it so much she asked if she could include it on her E.P., and we were honoured. You might have heard a version of it on our FIRST CONTACT mixtape recently.

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 13.32.06

Its a full circling of sorts, as 12 years or so ago my MIDNTEbrother Wade and I were living together in 151 Abbot’s Gardens, East Finchley, me working as a music journalist and rapping in my first rap crew, he working in bars and giving out flyers and building his networks and dreaming up his first club nights. We sent our nights off from partying roaming millionaire’s row a few blocks down the road stealing plants and lawn ornaments. I’d just given 5 exploding heads to Princess Superstar’s …Is LP in my PlayLouder review, and we found ourselves listening to it whilst tripping Deathstar-sized-balls on mushrooms at 6 am one sunny morning. We rolled around on the floor giggling in awed wonder as the CD skipped on track 6 for a straight hour, convinced a new form of music had been discovered. It wasn’t far of what Yeezus ended up sounding like a decade later, TBH.

Anyway, here’s me and Wadey in the future, living across the ocean in Los Angeles, like we used to talk about doing, remixing Princess Superstar like Gs. Go cop that thing, its grate. We’ve written an amazing ultra-Homerian turbo cosmic fairytale video treatment for it, so holla if you’re in the area and wanna help us make it. Meanwhile, our debut MV is just about ready. Here’s a sneaky screen cap. It is very very very splashy.



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