Akira The Don

  • Uploaded on
    February 28, 2013
  • Recorded at
    Don Studios IV
  • Produced by
    Akira The Don
  • Mixed by
    Akira The Don
  • Mastered by
    Gaz Williams
  • Artwork by
    Akira The Don
  • Additional Personnel
    Big Narstie, Footsie


It’s ATD29!

The brand new action packed mixtape from ME, your friendly neighbourhood Don! 13 brilliant new songs! On which you’ll mostly find me spitting scriptures over production by OTHER PEOPLE THAN MYSELF (apart from a couple of white hot ATD productions) including Mike Will Made It, Young Chop, Boyz Noise, Erol Alkan, Blockhead and many more, about 60% of which were suggested by YOU!

So thank YOU for your great ideas!

There are also a fistful of star turn guest vocal appearances from the UK’s biggest rap star Big Narstie and grime legend Footsie! AND! A very special guest appearance from cover star and BRAND NEW HUMAN Hercules Jan Narkiewicz!

ATD29 was written and recorded a few weeks back in the space of 29 hours after I packed off my girl and our brand new baby boy to auntie Nonny’s and had a slab of hash delivered by Royal Mail. PRAISE BE UNTO THE POSTMEN.

Click here to download the MP3 bundle and FLAC, and order the CD and luxury ART PRINT!

We’re having a special live DONCAST on Youtube tonight at 8pm UK time, so come on down and celebrate with us! It’s a good day! The pedo whisperer has been forced out of popedom, as predicted by my new single, One More Pope To Go! Joy to the future!

Anyway! I hope you enjoy this fine release! Hold tight for the first video from the project in a few hours. And let me know what other beats you’d like to hear me on in the future!



ATD, Nu Olympia, Feb 28 2013 AD



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  1. Donovan
    February 28, 2013
    5:57 pm

    great stuff! i was just thinking the other day, ATD should put out a new mix tape. then BAM, ATD29!

  2. Jamie Danan
    February 28, 2013
    6:15 pm

    boom! gone dunnit again!

  3. akirathedon
    February 28, 2013
    10:23 pm


  4. James
    March 1, 2013
    10:59 am

    Fucking he’ll this is amazing

  5. Raydome
    August 1, 2013
    3:31 pm

    ATD29 is quality, love When life gives you lemons

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