ATD23: The Street Fighter Mixtape

Akira The Don

  • Uploaded on
    May 12, 2010
  • Recorded at
    Don Studios IV
  • Produced by
    Akira The Don
  • Mixed by
    Akira The Don


I did it!

And I love it!



I had a ton of fun making this… this epic thing of wonder and glory.

And to think how it began! It was supposed to be EASY… a simple, quick, fun thing I could do in a day and fulfil April’s mixtape quota. A mix of Street Fighter related music. There’s tons of it – Redman’s joint from back in the day, Ras Kass, Double, and so on – but quickly the project took off on its own crazy tangent when I found myself sampling the original SF joints wholesale and making new songs with them, rather than just arranging them all together.

Then I discovered the newer themes (S4 has some mind blowing music on it) and the movies’ music…  So the project took almost 3 weeks, instead of the intended day, and now we’re suddenly half-way through May and the rent’s mad late and there’s a lisping Tory dipstick in Number 10 (Twitter got it down to #ConDemNation, oh the lulz). DAMN! Where’d all that time go? I was supposed to be dropping an EP on May 16th to celebrate my birthday. That is so NOT going to happen!

But here we have this – almost an album in itself.  Scrub the “almost”… what I’ve been doing here all this time is all that stuff you can’t do on albums. Sample outrageously! Force self into corners! Learn fast! Scream at the horror of self-imposed deadlines! Push the maximiser too far! Learn from mistakes! Make new ones!

And, most importantly, make a gang of dope music and give it to the world.

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  • Craig Christensen

    Hey props to Akira man this mixtape is legit i love street fighter and to rape to the songs man make this a beastly mixtape man what you do is the greatest


  • Craig Christensen

    Hey props to Akira man this mixtape is legit i love street fighter and to rap to the songs man make this a beastly mixtape man what you do is the greatest


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  • Justin Bailey

    no mention of Man Factory? Awesome list but perhaps you should have thrown in a song by a band that does albums all about street fighter. myspace.com/manfactory

  • Nostok

    I love the little references to British computing culture… ZX Spectrum, Sam Coupe. Excellent. Thanks Akira for another fun tape that brought back some memories of many 50p spent on SF2 in dodgy arcades.

  • cam

    man the starting of this is just the best ever… love the retro ken into the HD remix menu music

  • Karl

    And now reviewed on THE DAILY TELEGRAPH WEBSITE!

  • Felix

    Seems like the split track link isn't working! I told a couple of my friends to try it on their computers and they got the same error message.

    • Akira The Don

      Too many downloads, again… I have reupped the file!

  • sketchbillz@bristol

    streetfighter mix-wel hot,but didnt expect anything else really!any chance of info on live dates this summer dude?

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  • psychic

    why didn't this get any love at EVO2010?? they bumped some real bad rapper before the finals but they should gotten ATD in there instead

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  • Kuratsu

    In my opinion this album hasn’t gotten enough love. To be honest it’s my favorite album that you’ve done and I’d love to see more work like this (in tribute to video games (and their music/characters) of course) as it never seems to get old for me.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Kuratsu. I will be doing something video game related early next year…

      • Anonymous

        Awesome! I’m looking forward to it. This album has officially landed on my most played list.

  • Laziejim

    Theme from Ken is just ridiculously amazing. I’d love to have heard Guile’s theme made in a similar manner!

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  • Bob

    “The Title” is fucking awesome!

    Also, who is Envy? She really killed it on “Winners”.

  • Chostylish

    Any way I can get that instrumental for Winners?

    • Anonymous

      Lemme look into that…

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