Akira The Don

  • Uploaded on
    April 11, 2011
  • Recorded at
    Stephen Hague's Castle Overlooking France
  • Produced by
    Stephen Hague & Akira The Don
  • Mixed by
    Stephen Hague
  • Mastered by
    Gaz Williams at Fliskin Mannor
  • Artwork by
    Zef & Michael Kinsella-Perks
  • Additional Personnel
    Saxophone by Damian Cook


Jamie, the first single from the forthcoming compilation LP, Living In The Future! Produced by the legendary Stephen Hague (Blur, Pet Shop Boys, New Order), and me, the legendary Akira The Don (Akira The Don, Lethal Bizzle, Envy)!

Out right now on iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, etc. And of course, The Don Shop.

Single bundle includes the instrumental and a flipping awesome and swagged out Joey2tits remix.


The video was directed by the ice cool Michael Kinsella-Perks, and is above for your viewing pleasure. It has already been featured on Front, Semtex, RWD, Pyromag and tons more, thank you all for disseminating the glory.

Yes, brothers and sisters, because I am a total G and I like to try new stuff, I released a single without ANY ADVANCE WARNING WHATSOEVER.

I have to say, it is exciting and it feels GOOD.

Naturally, I will be needing your help in getting the word out. Well, the words and the music out. Are you down?

I hope you are. But regardless, the music is out there now, it is yours, and I hope you enjoy it.



EDIT: And here, as debuted by the mighty Front Army, is the beautiful video directed by cherub-faced wunderkind Michael Kinsella-Perks. Enjoy!



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  1. Archduke
    April 10, 2011
    11:58 pm

    Awesome! I love the beat yo

  2. Aidan Graham
    April 11, 2011
    9:23 am

    Is that a sample of sweet child o fmine I hear?

  3. Alexander Velky
    April 11, 2011
    1:27 pm

    And/or ‘Heroes’?

  4. Melo
    April 11, 2011
    2:41 pm

    Oh man, years ago I knew this shit’d be BIG. Good job bro. Good job.

  5. Jamie D
    April 13, 2011
    9:12 am

    love love love! if only top of the pops will still going. you’d be on it with this badboy X

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