ATD28.5: Unspeakable Thunderchrist (Instrumentals)

  • Uploaded on
    July 18, 2012
  • Recorded at
    Don Studios IV
  • Produced by
    Akira The Don
  • Mixed by
    Akira The Don
  • Mastered by
    Gaz Williams
  • Artwork by
    Akira The Don
  • Additional Personnel
    Joey2tits, James Harrison



Greetings brothers and sisters!

As you know, I do my very best to give you, my good good peoples, what it is that you require. And what a great deal of you seem to require, according to the many transmissions I receive through The Channels, is instrumental versions of my work. I cannot blame you. It is true that I put a great deal of effort into my music, that it is full of rich detail that often goes missed when focusing on the amazing raps. And I do indeed enjoy zoning to my beats minus those aforemetioned amazing and splendiferous raps. So now, dear friend, you can, like me, enjoy the wonder and bliss of the Unkillable Thunderchrist instrumental tracks on this new record: UNSPEAKABLE THUNDERCHRIST.

All songs produced by me, Akira The Don, except for Fuck You Pay Me, produced by the mighty Joseph Roberts, AKA The Peter Principle, AKA Joey2tits.

More coming soon. As ever, let me know if there’s anything specific you’d like to hear.



Nu Olympia, July 18th, 2012




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  1. Robert Mejia
    July 31, 2012
    12:21 am


  2. akirathedon
    August 3, 2012
    5:19 pm

    Good point!

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