Akira The Don

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  • Uploaded on
    April 14, 2014
  • Recorded at
    Don Studios IV, Haguekeep Rye, Mocky Mansion, L.A.
  • Produced by
    Akira The Don with Stephen Hague and Mocky
  • Mixed by
    Akira The Don with Stephen Hague and Mocky
  • Mastered by
    Gaz Williams
  • Artwork by
    Rusty Shackles and Akira The Don
  • Additional Personnel
    Jeremy Allen and Blonde Jeremy Deacon

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Welcome then, to the farewell ATD LP. I’m saying farewell, rather than final, because no one truly knows what the future holds, and bands that claim to be going away for ever then return kind of annoy me – but I have no plans to making any more Akira The Don music, not in any kind of near-future anyway. And I’m saying LP, rather than album, because I view an LP (long player) and a studio album as separate things. The Queen Is Dead is a studio album. Louder Than Bombs (my personal favourite Smiths record) is an LP. Like, When We Were Young and The Life Equation are albums. Two parts of a purported trilogy, written to a very specific brief and created very deliberately, and executed in a high end studio environment.

The music you’ll find here was created and written at various times and in various places for various reasons over the past year or two. Only thee of the songs were intended for the purported third ATD studio album, the conclusion to the trilogy I started with When We Were Young. Along the way, however, I realised I wasn’t ready to tell that story yet – more things had to happen in my life first, I had more to learn.

When I’ll be ready to tell it, I do not know. I maybe I ever will be. Its a heady task I set myself with that: The Answer To Everything, the Conclusion, the shape of the flat circle from the outside. 5D.

A.T.D.R.I.P. is not that. It is a collection of dope-ass songs I made that I wanted you to have. It was going to be an E.P. then a mini album, but I wanted you to have all of the songs, which was 12, too big for a mini album, so have them you shall, regardless of whether they fit my increasingly OCD ideas of what albums should be. Rap songs, punk songs, a k-pop cover, a lullaby. It is the end of a ten year block of time in a human life, and the end of the line for the creature that was ATD in that time, the creature that burst forth from the Long Winter with a song called The First Day Of Spring, rapping excitedly over stolen pianos. Oh, the adventures that followed! Now the creature must die, so that something else might have a chance to live. Valar Morghulis, as the High Valerian goes. All men must die. Yet what is dead may never die. But rises harder, and stronger. Like Daft Punk robots.


Thank you for being with me on this journey, brothersister. Whatever lies ahead I hope we face it together.



Don Studios V, Colwyn Bay, April 2014

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  1. Yeould
    April 14, 2014
    7:46 pm

    I started my own career in the arts about the same time you started and discovered your music shortly after, so it was always cool to have a parallel artist out there who i’d of course never met and who was working in a radically different medium (i’m in comix) but who was nonetheless out there on the same kind of journey– i’d always check in on your stuff, buy the latest mp3s, and enjoy that just like me you were still going despite how tough it can be monetarily and mentally. That there was someone else out there doing the same kind of thing and not giving up.

    I’ve got memories of listening to the earlier mixtapes late at night in a shitty basement apartment while drawing some weird zine that like three people read, and memories of listening to other mixtapes and albums later on in slightly better apartments while i drew slightly less weird stuff for substantially more people, and i’ve always enjoyed that constant– the constant stream of new stuff from you as both of us powered through the last ten years and got stuff out there despite any difficulties. I’ve really enjoyed your music, basically. I don’t usually even listen to rap, but ever since i first saw the video for Clones on the NME website back in the day i’ve always been a fan of your work and i’m glad it was a part of my own first ten years as an artist.

    So yeah, i’m just a stranger and fellow artist who wanted to say Thanks For All The Tunes. I know you’re only retiring the ATD name and will be thankfully continuing to make music, but let me at least offer a toast to a fantastic ten years of music. Music is what got me through some lean years, and yours was a part of that. A firm eHandshake to you for all of it, and very best wishes to you in the future! (even though we’re already Living In The Future…)

  2. Joey W
    April 14, 2014
    9:03 pm

    Long live the Don! It’s been an experience having gone through the entirety of my high school career putting people on Akira and now here I sit getting ready to read the last chapter.

    Thanks for everything, for all the music and all the memories!

  3. RavenPerez
    April 15, 2014
    9:17 am

    Just finished the LP. So damn good. Keep makin’ music Akira. The world needs exhilarating tunes loaded with heart and something to say.

  4. Stuart
    April 28, 2014
    7:20 pm

    Sad day. Good luck in the future! And come back soon!!

  5. gill-breather
    May 31, 2014
    3:39 pm

    Thanks for everything man. Hope midnitemen turns into everything you hope it will. You deserve it

  6. PPC-Michael
    June 9, 2014
    5:01 pm

    I miss the doncast crew =) we had some fun back then! (im bloodred)

  7. Raydome
    June 14, 2014
    1:39 pm

    Snap! Hope you’re good mate!

  8. PPC-Michael
    June 17, 2014
    9:54 am

    You too Ray!

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