Akira The Don

  • Uploaded on
    January 29, 2010
  • Recorded at
    Don Studios IV
  • Produced by
    Akira The Don
  • Mixed by
    Akira The Don

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Sweet Baby Jesus and the orphans.


What a trip that was! What a wringer I put myself through! I felt joy! I felt fear! For three hours between 2 and 5 everything I did sounded amazing, then betwen 5 and 10 it sounded frightful! AND NOW I CAN’T TELL ANYMORE! I haven’t slept in 40 hours or something, and I am hallucinating, I can’t hear sound properly anymore, and I nearly went quite batty earlier and felt as if I might tear all my hair out and weep loudly…

…but ATD20 is ALIVE.

And it is jam packed with insanely ace stuff! FOR YOU! You can listen to the stream above, and you can download the one track 192 kbps MP3 for free! Or you can buy a CD quality track seperated MP3 bundle for £4.50, which will get mailed out to you straight away by my robot helpers. There is also an accompanying T-Shirt, a thing of rare and tremendous beauty, printed on a carbon neutral, pixie-friendly, deeply luxurious organic cotton, called Security, which ships next week, and you can get them both for the discount price of £15.99.

Get the CDQ MP3 bundle here.

Get the MP3 + T-Shirt here.

The tracklisting is below. If you need lyrics or anything, let me know, and I shall see what I can do. I shall add more details and the back sleeve over the weekend… I hope you enjoy it! I am off to collapse in a small gibbering heap now.



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  1. zp
    January 30, 2010
    1:35 am

    …well done sir, jolly good show!

  2. BenBryans
    January 30, 2010
    2:04 am

    wowzers tht was awesome! giingeeers!!!

  3. James
    January 30, 2010
    2:22 am

    Jesus, all that work payed off damn well, know that. That was AMAZING. The extra polish sounds SO FRESH.

  4. Eloise
    January 30, 2010
    8:24 am


    I live in thailand and im 10 yrs old!!!

    My older sis is typing this for me!


    Gonna go to the shop now to buy a t-shirt!!!



  5. OptimaX
    January 30, 2010
    1:38 pm

    You need to know that i'm usually not into Rap music at all. But Akira takes it to higher levels. ATD20 is pure pleasure.

    Akira, you should be proud of yourself man, you don't just only have shitloads of talent, but you also bring pleasure to people, and you barely ask anything in return.

    That makes you a Hero dude!

    Don't die!

  6. Raydome
    January 30, 2010
    4:20 pm

    Awesome job dude, well worth the effort you put in :) thanks!

    I shit it before though, thought I'd got one less track then I should, then I realised you'd gone straight from 5 to 7 on the track listing above 😛 no wonder if you'd been up for 40 hours though!

  7. BloodRed
    January 31, 2010
    4:16 am

    narstie's verse on TFATA is nice… hope he gets that message =)

  8. silentbob69
    January 31, 2010
    2:37 pm

    Just listening…nice one again Brother Adam!

    Any chance you could knock up some downloadable artwork for us.

    I am thinking a nice jewel case like thieving, Omega etc.

  9. silentbob69
    January 31, 2010
    5:44 pm

    New podcast up.

    Old School B Boy tunes. Man Parrish, Bambaata and more

    Check it out…


  10. dean art hooligan
    February 1, 2010
    1:05 pm

    loving Atd20,would say its the best but i love the first stunners mix most.any joy my glorious boy

  11. Akira The Don
    February 1, 2010
    1:09 pm

  12. Akira The Don
    February 1, 2010
    1:11 pm

    Thanks gang! You’re the best! You make it all worthwhile!

    Now why didn’t anyone tell me the buy links were broken till just now? I WEEP! I lol a bit too.

  13. Jack Nimble
    February 1, 2010
    6:12 pm

    Joey2tits is on some shit! Serious beat maker.

  14. Will
    February 9, 2010
    5:30 pm

    It peaks with Eminem's verse on "Forever". Whatever that is underneath, it works a treat. And I still love Bare Necessities. Jay Z and Dizzee!!!! YES.

  15. Raydome
    February 11, 2010
    3:17 pm

    Akira The Don ft Pixel, Trencha Narstie & Littles – Got Money (Krucy Darkstar Remix)

    THIS TUNE IS AWESOME!!!!! I well over looked it the first few plays!

  16. Eloise
    February 17, 2010
    9:36 am

    can you email me the lyrics to surrender?

  17. Fgdfbd
    March 26, 2011
    9:36 pm

    ur site is a POS! just letting u know. takes forever to try and actually get the song you want to get. i had to buy the whole damn album…

  18. David Cameroon
    March 26, 2011
    11:54 pm

    Haters gonna hate…

  19. Anonymous
    March 27, 2011
    2:36 am

    Oh no! What was the issue? Each song has an individual buy button! We try very hard to make the site as Great as possible, so let us know how we can improve.


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