Typical Reaction To An Episode Of Smallville


— February 9, 2010 —

I do understand that a large proportion of you have never watchedSmallville, the cheap American teen-show about the young Clark Kent, that’s been running on the CW for ten years. Why would you? It has a terrible reputation. I watched an episode of it once, one hungover teenage Sunday afternoon in Birmingham, and to be honest I rather enjoyed it, in a hungover Sunday afternoon sort of a fashion. Then I didn’t think about it again until a year or so ago, when my girl got into 4OD and started sneakily watching it while was doing things like the washing up.

One day I snuck in on her and caught the end of an episode. I think Green Arrow was killing Lex Luthor or something. I was pretty much instantly hooked. It is trashy, campy, ridonculous disposable fluff, with some deeply questionable scripting and acting. It has a negligible special effects budget, and its main character has less charisma than your average stick. But the supporting cast is mainly brilliant, and the people behind the show evidently love every part of it. Smallville has heart… and I really really enjoy it. In the increasingly rare occasions that I sit down in front of some streamed television, it whisks me away to a strange and magical world – a stupid, nonsensical world aimed at teenagers and populated by half-remembered comic characters from my youth. If Clark Kent doesn’t put on tights and start flying for another year I’ll still watch it, because I am a massive sucker and goonish romantic. Ale jaca est.

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