Don, Scroobius Pip and DJ Destruction having a lovely time being super pro DJs at WE.ARE.LIZARDS last night. It was VERY ACE. I was amazed to discover Scroobius Pip keeps his lizard mask on the whole time he’s DJing like Slipknot and uses a little pen torch to find songs, like a cat burglar.

I was ace obviously. Even though all my meticulous preparation was lost and I only realised 4 minutes before I had to drop the digital needle and I had to freestyle the whole thing like an old school uppercase G. My Traktor informs me I went from Europe/Nirvana – The Final Teen Spirit to Big Bang’s Fantastic Baby then Psy’s Gentleman then Pharoe Fuckin Monch’s SIMON SAYS towards the end.

Also played MOP x Adam F – STand Clear, whihc was crazy because DJ Destruction, AKA Ross Emmins co-produced that CLASSIC SHIT.

I was also the lucky recipient of a super special GIFT from dope-hat-makers REDSHIFT REBELS, in the shape of the beautiful baby blue BLOB HAT I am wearing here. CHEERS REDSHIFT DUDES!

Was also ace to see friends like 2tits and Euro Jim and De Shrimpton and Set Dressing Tim with whom I enjoyed an animated boozy discussion on The Walking Dead comic’s latest developments and the TV show, with its brilliant cocktail versions of the comics storylines and crazy flights of racism.

Next live outing will be a full bown RAP SHOW, when I open up for Art Brut at their 10th Anniverasry SCALA show on May 29th.

Will be playing brand new #PEAKWAVE material.


— Saturday, May 11th, 2013

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