WATCH: Akira The Don VS A-Ha, The Foot Of A Mountain Interview

From The Quietus:

It’s been something of a glorious second wind for a-ha, with their excellent new album Foot Of The Mountain being showered with praise by critics and fans old and new alike.

Akira the Don sat down with Mags and Morten for an amiable chinwag about their return, the influence of Morrissey and Leonard Cohen on a-ha, that Family Guy episode, and the benefits of a good moisturiser.

Yes he did! We also discussed vampirism and Hunter S Thompson. Watch on, brothers and sisters, and LEARN!

Thanks Michael for the excellent filming job, Luke for setting it up, and the band for being ace.

Go see The Quietus. They have a 3 minute longer version of the interview. DAMN!

— Thursday, August 13th, 2009

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  1. Queenie
    August 13, 2009
    6:49 pm

    OH MY GOD. 1mm from Morten. My eyeballs just exploded out of jealousy.

    Please confirm you cut a clone-able lock of hair from Morten’s head while you were sitting ONE MILLIMETRE AWAY from him. I will tell the lab to get ready.

  2. Mayor
    August 15, 2009
    6:22 pm

    Good interview.

  3. Ash
    August 20, 2009
    11:53 am

    They seem like nice chaps, Morten don't say much tho. Clever fellas with high haircuts (they put yours to shame). I'd like to hear some heavy A-ha electronica. Were you wearing the denim as a tribute to the '80s?

  4. Akira The Don
    August 20, 2009
    12:26 pm

    Poor Morten tried very hard to talk throughout and Mags kept cutting him off. I might put out an edit of those moments.

    I was wearing he denim as it was a summers day and denim is sufficiently light!

  5. Ash
    August 21, 2009
    12:52 pm

    Yeah, that'd be good to see. Mags did dominate – it must be his band and he's a bit insecure or something. Must be the hair.

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