WAIT! Stop The Party! Etc!

So, I’m listening to Westwood while I do some website work (gotta be done, sorry), and he’s playing this new Busta Rhymes and Swizz Beats joint that’s got nothing to do with the Iron Man movie but is being affiliated with it anyway, which is canny enough, and anyway, its another one of those synth/808 joints with military snares and stuff, and Swizz doing that thing where he intones, “Wait! Stop the party! I don’t wanna hurt nobody!” huskily. Swizz Beats’ husky voice is a thing of strange wonder. ANYWAY. I am pretty sure Swizz beats did this record already, with a different rapper on it. What WAS that? Ish is doing my NUT IN!

Westwood wasn’t feeling the Iron Man movie, for the record. “I could have done with more action and less story,” said he. “Watching the movie felt like playing an X-Box game.” Man, Wolverine was like that. What a load of poop. I loved that first Iron Man movie. I watched it a couple of birthdays back in Wales after we went to Port Meirion, which is where they filmed the old Prisoner. It was shut, actually. ANYWAY! I am still looking forward to going to see this new Iron Man movie on the weekend. Maybe I am DUMB.

Speaking of Westwood, I complained on Twitter the other day that Miss Info’s gossip section section had too many plugs for her own website in it. Never let it be said that Miss Info doesn’t listen to critics, since this came straight back at me:

And you know what? She’s done exactly that. I am impressed. Although I still don’t care for gossip.

Rah then. What else is going on? Well, I am about to get into a THIRD DECADE. That’s kind of crazy, and lurking at the side of my mind. But like I was saying yesterday, I can’t really think about anything much till I get this cotdang mixtape in your earbuds. There’s a progress report in that image up top. Everything with a circle to the left of it is FINISHED. That means ALL THE SONGS ARE FINISHED. Now, if I had my way I’d spend a full day at least on ALL OF THEM, but I just do not have that luxury. So now it’s just a case of mixing it all together. I got a pretty solid sequence, and I got ALL THE SOUND EFFECTS.

Oh man, I gotta do a sleeve too!


— Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

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  1. Raydome
    May 11, 2010
    11:44 am

    You’re doing good work dude, keep it up :)

    I though Iron Man 2 was alright, cool and fun film. Stay till the end of the vredits if you go and see it though :) worth the wait.

  2. Koltreg
    May 11, 2010
    4:58 pm

    Wolverine was pretty shit, Iron Man 2 is better.

  3. Raydome
    May 11, 2010
    5:09 pm

    Wolverine was mental. why they did that to dead pool I'll never know.

    Apparently they're making a Deadpool film, but doing it properly, with mask and breaking the 4th wall, so he can ramble his madness directly at us 😛

  4. Three_years
    May 11, 2010
    7:38 pm

    Wolverine's Deadpool made me sad. I've got digital copies of every comic he appeared in up until 2007, and physical copies of nearly every one after that. Holy Christ I love Deadpool. Also, retardedly excited for SF music. Hurry that ish up!

  5. p$kill
    May 11, 2010
    9:42 pm

    I've said it one here before, but Miss Info jumped the shark for me when she dedicated 5 minutes to a story about Drake breaking his ankle, before dealing with the death of Baatin from Slum Village in one or two sentences. Clearly I'm not the target audience, but christ almighty.

  6. BloodRed
    May 12, 2010
    12:42 am

    not to call u out but, you keep adding these shitty blobblog entries instead of getting that envy song out to us…. i was the only one who feared something was wrong when u didnt post for days but now u post shit instead of a mixtape =)

  7. BloodRed
    May 12, 2010
    12:46 am

    btw youre awesome and youre the only one on the planet who can deliver this mixtape…. you have loyal followers who think youre the shit…. i think youre the shit…. just step your game up and quit being all thugnificant…

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