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That’s Herc meeting Auntie Lois and her fiance Tom yesterday. Lois, if you don’t know, used to sing in my old band Crack Village, and was the voice and talent behind the hook on my song London, from When We Were Young. She’s recently been filming a small part in The Best Continuing Show On Television, which is tremendously exciting, and blowing the fuck up with her band Lois And Then Love. I am very proud of her.

Meanwhile, The All New ATD Youtube Channel Uploads continue apace. Over the weekend we saw the following additions:

I hope you are enjoying my classy end cards. Apologies for the less than studio quality sound, I was using the camera’s mike which is a rookie error, gonna upgrade that shit with the quickness.

I’ve also been adding to the Don Approved Albums playlist, which is chock full of some of my most favoutest classic elpees (that are streaming in full on Youtubes, anyway).

Meanwhile I have been working on mixes for a brand new ATD-related band project that will be debuting at the top of 2014. I’m flying out to LA later this month to continue work on that, so LA heads hit me up! And if anyone out there wants an ATD live performance or DJ set, let me know. I will be equipped with a mike and a Traktor Kontrol so I will be ready to ROCK.

I’m also looking for a brilliant CODER to work on the new ATD webiste, which Zef and I had the first meeting about last night, in a nice lil pub in Ye Ole Shorditch, the place I spent most of my days a decade ago that is now barely recognisable…

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We did some very good and exciting PLOTTING, part of which involved the idea to bring back the ole Don scribbles, handwriting and Steadman-inspired ink blots to the site.  What were the odds of the two beers we chose at random for our nightcaps from alist of a hundred od being fucking fully GONZO BEERS, designed by RALPH FUCKING STEADMAN HIMSELF?!

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A good omen, you’ll no doubt agree. ALE JACA EST!

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PS – What does this look like to you?

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It’s a record sleeve Zef likes. I was like, rah, that looks like a vagina. He totally didn’t see it. So I chucked it on my Facebooks, and yes, lots of people agreed with me. Although many others, like Zef, didn’t see it. Wonder what that means?

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— Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

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