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Well, since we got evicted and jumped on a plane to La like warriors this winter, there has been a distinct lack of the usual ATD Xmassss festivities. But I couldn’t completely zone on that shit. OH HELL NO.

See, for years now, people have been asking me to make the mighty ATD back catalogue available to purchase in one handly download. Well, that is now a realty. As of today you can get every commercially released ATD recording in one handy, super cut priced download! Or, if you just want ALL THE MIXTAPES, you can get those. Want a fat zip of ALL THE SINGLES? WE GOT YOU! ALBUMS! OF COURSE!

These treats and more are now up in the ATD XMAS SHOP, so get on down and get Merry with The Happy.

Oh, and DONDOODLES are back in force. Check out this sweet thing I just did. The recipient asked for “famous rappers, politicians, or doughnuts… So I did this. Might actually have to put it on a shirt, it’s kinda too awesome.

OK. I got the final ATD video to prep for. Also some sweet medical shit from my neighbour Mocky to twist up. Oh, and we just saw a fucking DOUBLE RAINBOW an the PERFECT VOICE OF GOD SUNSET. TO THE SHOP!

— Friday, December 20th, 2013

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