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OH HAI GANG! I hope you are well. The end of our LA adventure is approaching with the speed and ferocity of some terrifying martian Mecha Cheetah, but the To Do List is getting ticked off like some super efficient robot headmistress, and we have even found the opportunity to have some time off, and leave Hercules with Wadey while we go out and engage in a Fine American Tradition.

Superbowl Sunday today! I am excited, it is our first Superbowl Sunday and we will be attending a party at Adam and Amanda Egypt Mortimer’s gaff. I was round there the other day finishing off the music video we shot in the desert last ┬ámonth. It looks awesome. Her’s Adam posing with a blown-up page from his awesome comic book BALLISTIC, illustrated by Dr Darick Robertson…

…and here’s a sneaky still:

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That’s Nina Kate at the back menacing me with a shotgun. Out of shot is Chasedude, who was also in the first MIDNITEMEN video, shot on Wednesday between Box 8 studios in Downtown LA and Hooray Henry’s club of Night over beverly way. Up top you can see a behind the scenes shot from the thing involving myself, Wadeyo, and some of our friends enjoying a pleasant boat ride, and here you can see us enjoying a champagne glitter cannon, in the manner of victorious racing car drivers.

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Oh, and here’s the aforementioned CHASEDUDE in his superstar cameo…

The shoot was a joyous affair – I was particularly impressed with the performance of my MIDNITEbrother Wade Crescent – he’s starred in music videos before, but never one of his very own, and this was the first time he’d been involved in the concept, creation, production AND execution of one, and he levelled up like a G an killed it.

It helped that we were blessed with brilliant, professional, fun and friendly cast and crew, along with perfect locations and fucking massive rope swing, on which I got a little carried away, swinging up to the rafters like a dive, until someone pointed out I had a SON, and should not be risking his hunting lessons getting killed up in some rafters. They had a point. I have never had much regard for my personal safety in the past, I am a fan of HEIGHTS and RISK and SHORTCUTS and have always been eager to put myself in the path of DANGER, but I suppose now I have to make sure I don’t actually DIE, else young Herculus will grow up one of these poor fatherless Tyler The Creator sods, but I also have to make sure I don’t PUSSY OUT OF DOPE SITUATIONS cos then Herculus will grow up one of these My Dad’s A Lame Boring Ass Loser Who Didn’t Follow His Dreams And Drives Like An Old Lady mini Flanders sods. OH LIFE DOESN’T GET ANY SIMPLER DOES IT?

No it does not. But who would want that? A computer game that got easier as it went along would suck, and so it would be with LIFE. We fly back to the UK on Wednesday, technically homeless, and entirely ready for whatever challenges await us. Aside from rain. I am not yet ready for rain.

But first, we have our a superbowl party to attend. I’m supporting Seattle. Hate comics were the best, Nirvana was the best, SPACE NEEDLE is the best, and that Harvard dude who got called a thug for being a dude is the best. AMEN.




— Sunday, February 2nd, 2014

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  1. Nathan White
    February 2, 2014
    9:56 pm

    Fact of the day: I own every 90’s issue of Hate comic in first edition. A bit dog eared but I hung on to them all.

  2. akirathedon
    February 2, 2014
    10:01 pm

    Oh you G! I’d love to see them just for the letter pages, I’ve hardly got any of mine left, replaced then with trades…

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