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Well, I did it. I joined a gym, and I went three times this week. POW! Now all my upper muscles hurt. My legs are fine cos of all the cycling I do. My tits, not so much. My guns are all swole too. BANG BANG!

I have to admit, I got worried yesterday after I left the gym, since people have been giving me advice on Facebook and apparently you’re supposed to eat a load of protein after you’ve been to the gym, otherwise you die or something. Now, I KNEW I didn’t have any chicken to grill in the house or anything like that, so i bought one of those protein shakes. DICK MOVE DONOVAN! Damn, that ish is nasty! It took all my strength to keep that stuff down and not spray it all over my desk, if I am to be perfectly frank. And by Gosh did that foul swill proceed to do a number on my belly. I had to use similarly steely resolve to stop it bubbling over, like some witches cauldron. Never again!

Well, never say never. But still. Gross.

Anyway, Littles was over yesterday. We are recording NEW LITTLES MATERIAL, so get ready for that. Rah though, remember that Mike Skinner line in that song he did with Pro Green? That “never trust a man with two phones,” line?

Here’s Littles and his fleet of communication devices.

Shocking, I know.

OK. Let’s get a link going here. So, I’ve been getting PUMPED in the gym, and a lot of you have been getting PUMPED for ATD24! Like our friend Jamie, who writes:

Saw the Doncast, and it was AWESOME! Man you got me so pumped not only for ATD24 but now ATD25 as well! Damn! They’re just too far away! Saw the O.S Ts arrive, they look great, so I’m looking forward to finally getting mine. And let me take this opportunity to thank you for the Thieving CD, it really made my week, and definitely made the wait for the T-Shirt much more bearable. Loving all the music man, looking forward to TLE and of course the WWWY-TLE mix (any idea what you’re gonna call that?).

Cheers brother! I am hyped as hell about this ridiculous task I have set myself – a whole mixtape recorded, mixed and released in 24 hours, the whole process broadcast live. It’s gonna be HARDCORE to power of PI!

It’s also looking like we’re gonna be able to do broadcast in HD, and with multiple cameras, as your donations have been coming in and we are COMING CLOSE TO OUR GOAL!

Although our goal has shifted a little. Closer inspection of the Ustream site reveals the pro account with the streaming HD multi cameras is not $199, but $298!

Right now we’re on $143.66! Just $154 to go!

So click this button!

OR you can send money via paypal to zillazillazilla at gmail.com.

Donators will be rewarded with a copy of the EXCLUSIVE VERSION of the Akira The Don VS Joey2tits remix of dan le sac VS Scroobius Pip’s Great Britain, as played on the last Doncast. They will also get the RESPECT OF THEIR PEERS and shout outs on the mixtape, natch.

As for Jamie’s question about the name of that “WWWY-TLE mix“, all will (have to be) revealed SOON.

OK. Forget ye not! Those carbon neutral super cotton OMEGA SANCTION Ts are in stock NOW! As ever, they will sell out, so get your order in sharpish.

Right, I better get off. I have a wedding to go to, amongst other things. Let’s hope I don’t drink fifteen gallons of whisky and run away into the night like last time

— Saturday, June 12th, 2010

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  1. donovan
    June 13, 2010
    1:14 am

    my i recommend seitan after work outs. it’s quick and easy to fry up and taste great with just a little bit of soy sauce. it’s got a chickenish texture to it. anyways the protein to calorie ratio is amazing! better than fish or stake even. it’s what i eat after 2.5hr work outs and im barley sore the next day.

    also for a tasty protein drink try Bluthouse Farms purely chocolate
    stuff is super delicious and not only has a lot of protein but also some other good vitamins and minerals, like B12.

    seriously though try the seitan and let me know what you think 😉

  2. jjfabulous
    June 13, 2010
    11:31 am

    I have the secret on how to make a protein shake a delish experience!

    You must first start of with VANILLA flavored proten shake powder.

    You must also have a cup frozen BLUEBERRIES.

    Then you take a cup and a half of RICE MILK

    and put all that shizznit into a blender.

    Hit Frappe and wait about 30 seconds. Then stop the frappe.

    Pour it into a cup or enjoy striaght from the source. Either way, it's hella good!

    Trust me on this. I am a vegetarian. I know about these things!!!

    I called it blue berrie yum yum before I knew what the real Blueberry yum yum was.

    Mabey this will help. Get better get better get better.


    Tonight has been yet another in a number of drunken outings that have proven to me that Stunners IS the ULTIMATE MIXTAPE! EVER!!!! There's a long story here but I'm not gonna go there.


  3. Three_years
    June 13, 2010
    2:48 pm

    I demand photographic evidence of the Mexican groom wielding flaming leashes.

  4. zp
    June 13, 2010
    11:54 pm

    re: ustream '…the big print giveth, and the small print taketh away…' Tom Waites

    re:protein shakes, work outs, etc this guys got the best advice i've ever read. He only eats porridge, hates supplements, and has a great keep fit book out: And he's welsh! Result…


  5. Liz
    June 15, 2010
    7:04 am

    man I have no money till next week…..but I totally want to donate when I get my pay….the doncast must prevail! I have the Omega shirt, one from the first batch….I love all my AKD shirts….thank you so much for my bday shirts you and Jessica rock! I have been wearing them :0)
    AND the bday card was super awesome! thank you.

  6. Karl
    June 15, 2010
    10:32 pm

    OK, where does he say anything there about leashed flaming Mexicans weilding? You must have some clairvoyant ish going on?!!!

    June 15, 2010
    11:48 pm

    Twitter, dude. Twitter.

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