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Dropping this Monday… BEAT APE! Volume 1! TRIPLE INSTRUMENTAL ALBUM! 35 tracks! Many NEVER HEARD BEFORE! Over 2 and a half hours of amazing music! Preorder at a DISCOUNTED PRICE in the Donshop here.  Or on FB here.

I hope you had an ace halloween, and your costume was as good as Patrick Stewart’s:

Mine was pretty awesome. Mine  was Just Finished Day Two Of The Crooked Video Shoot Looking After Teething Baby Hercules While Mummy HAs a Rare And Well Deserved Night Out On Le Razz. I wrote lil dude a lullaby, it was so good we both fell asleep. SCIENCE IN ACION! Or is it magic? OR ARE THEY THE SAME?!?!?!

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ANYWAY. Have yourself a dope ass gif of Hercules and his Nana playing CUPS.

This gif pretty much perfectly illustrates the glory and frustration of playing CUPS with Hercules (and presumably all babies, apart from the really lethargic ones.)




— Friday, November 1st, 2013

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