Tuesday, November 11th, 2014

I told you how on Halloween we stayed in making this Theophilus London joint and then stepped out on to the Boulevard to check the scene, which was like a World War Z montage populated by a kaleidoscope of every cartoon, myth and monster of human imagining, after which a series of weird events lead to us hanging out at Theophilus London’s house till 6am right?

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 15.24.16

LA is super nuts like that. We were parting with the Swedish Hollywood Mafia the other night. In one room there were like 8 blonde people responsible for 320 million records sold or something. They had about 50 bottles of hundred dollar vodka and no mixers so we drank it straight like telegraph poles and nobody fell in the swimming pool.

Anyway. here is that remix. We played it on Saturday at our Bootsy Bellows residency and it went off. As did I Like To Cha Cha. Have you heard that? it’s my favourite. We might have to remix it.

If we have time. Much to do this week. We’re prepping to shoot a mini space movie on Saturday, after which we’ll be DJing at the aforementioned Bootsys. One of the shots requires us to be in weird techno organic space thrones with tubes piping audio sound into our heads, so if anyone knows an LA based proppy person that could help us realise that particular dream, please get in touch…


So I swapped the beach for the boulevard, but I am still getting my sacred podcast time in. Last night I ran all the way to Laurel Canyon, crossed the road, and ran back again and didn’t encounter a SINGLE RED LIGHT. It was insane. I literally ran through dozens of traffic lights, and all were either green, or counting down to red. It was fucking surreal. I thought I was in a dream by the end of it. I couldn’t feel my feet anymore and seemed to be bouncing on air in slow motion like Jon Carter on Mars. I guess these illy shoes my babygirl got me help. Here they are hanging out with Chuck Norris:

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 15.24.09


Now here’s a photo of Kiera Knightely’s boobs. Not sure I approve to be honest.

kieraOK bye love you woooo


— Tuesday, November 11th, 2014

Tuesday, November 4th, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 14.08.30

Well damn son that went quick. It feels like I just landed, but here I am heading into my second week in Los Angeles at the speed of a greased up bullet train. The sun is beating down like an angry policeman, the Spider-Men are warring for territory on Hollywood Boulevard outside the apartment, I’m up here on the 7th floor finishing a MIDNITEmix and my MIDNITEbrother Wade is off being interviewed about the new club he’s opening in West Hollywood where we will be hosting a series of weekly MIDNITEparties and you’ll be able to sing karaoke and sip fine cocktails in the manner of a sophisticated warrior king slash queen. Gas mark infinity.

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 13.50.00

We’ve already scored ourselves a couple of DJ residencies – you can catch us every saturday DJing the Bootsy Bellows back room in West Hollywood, the first of which is a very peak midnite till 2 am turnup, the first of which we did last week, a wonderful and joyous experience I look forward to repeating. The second is a rather sophisticated affair, starting this Wednesday in the opulent confines of Harlowebar, where we’ll be playing timeless classics and luxurious jams from 9 till they shut the joint. Look out for more, we intend to work our asses off across the full kaleidoscope of our musical souls. Shit, we played an art show the other day, before going on a rampage at the amfAR gala where we hung out with some Sheiks and Mobsters and Champagne Salespeople and Russian Pop Stars.

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 13.58.43

I had a pretty good routine going back in Colwyn Bay, and I’m starting to get a nice one going here. I walk up Runyon Canyon every morning – on my first hike I ran into Richard Bacon, most auspicious as not only did he give me my first record of the week on his XFM show back in the day, but my little brother is a huge fan of his podcast and had only that week been telling me how he’s just moved to LA and seemed to frequent the same spots as me. We had an encounter of sorts that evening also, as if the point hadn’t been underscored hard enough.

I’ve yet to find somewhere as perfect as Rhos On Sea beach to run, but I’ve been running around the hood, and walking 8 miles to West Hollywood for meetings and DJ gigs most days. Its a pretty amazing area to live. Aside from the territorial wars executed by the myriad Spidermen outside the flat, there are the premieres, random encounters and the crazy things like Marvel announcing their Phase 3 shit NEXT DOOR while I’m making my eggs in the morning, making me long for a time machine with which to visit my 8 year old self to tell him how all his dreams come true.

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 13.52.05

We stayed in on Halloween working on a Theophilus London remix… well, till midnight, then we finished as we’d finished the track we figured we should have a look at what was going on outside, which turned out to be the most insane and intense gathering of costumed insanity I have ever experienced. Bizarrely (for LA) it started raining, so as the monsters began to melt, we ducked off the boulevard into what turned out to be some kind of ultimate Hollywood Costume Party, where the roof collapsed under a tsunami of water and the assembled took the opportunity to dance in the ensuing waterfall with glorious abandon without missing a beat. Naturally, and entirely coincidentally, we ended up at an afterparty at Theophilus London’s pad, because that’s what happens when you’re Walking With Allah, as Malcolm X has it. I returned to the Studio of Dreams at 6 am, slept a few peaceful hours, then walked to the top of up Runyon in the blazing sunshine listening to the latest Joey Diaz podcast, laughing until my ribs splintered.

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 13.58.56

I miss my family, but we will be together soon. Hercy hasn’t forgotten me yet, but he does get mad at me when a random drunk forms like Voltron with the time difference and we don’t Skype for 24 hour hours. It must be a very strange thing to have your father who you see every day and takes you on bike rides and pushes you up a hill every morning turn into some weird digital apparition who pops up  on a computer screen in the morning and late at night with different coloured sky to you. I’ve gotta get him a garden. He deserves a garden.

Right, I gotta run over to West Hollywood now and work on my destiny. And that garden. Love to you, wherever you may be. Its a beautiful day. Let us rumble.

— Tuesday, November 4th, 2014

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 21.39.54

This is one of those situations where I really wish I’d had a good three hours to write a proper, long, well structured, comprehensive, erudite, soulstirring blog post, but as it is I haven’t even had five minutes spare to do crunches since we left Wales on Saturday and I feel weird, bubba, having not done any exercise for three days, after doing lots of exercise every single day since, what is, April?

It was a unnaturally long Summer in Wales, in which I walked up a mountain into the woods every morning, ran on the beach every night, and did pull ups and swung off bars like a monkeyboy. Hercules and I even spent some time doing interval training in the skate park, me launching him up and down the half pipes in his battered little buggy at savage speeds as he whooped and hollered with the joy of a boy who knows full well he could probably get severely injured any second.

I got in shape, and I spent precious, joyful time with my family during the finest british summer in living memory. Then Autumn went flump, and now my ride is here. At 3:30 I’ll board a plane bound for Los Angeles, my wordly goods whittled down to only those very very essentials that I can carry. Charlotte and Herc will remain here for a few months, while I mount the hill and fight the proverbial Indians, and I will miss them and they will miss me, and Herc will undergo great change that I shall not be present to witness, but through the ghostly digital curtains of Skype, and we will be reunited, and it will be glorious. Two months is a blink of an eye in a lifetime. Well, a gods’ lifetime maybe. But it will pass fast, and we will be stronger, and we will be living in Los Angeles, with the sun, and the Mickey Mouses.

The day I left Wales was, by force of glorious serendipity, the day me and Herc’s new pal Ryan – an aspirant MMA fighter and former Young Sausagemaker Of The year who works in the butchers – had the fight he’d been working up to the whole time I’d been working up to this move. After months of pushing tractor tires up hills, getting buried up to his tits in sand whist doing twisty crunches and getting his nose broken, he spent his last week trying to lose half a stone by drinking 7 litres of water a day and having salt baths, while I carted boxes into storage, sold all my stuff on Ebay and whittled my possessions down to a small pile I could fit on a plane. It seemed our destinies were somehow linked, and the direction of my life would be confirmed by the outcome of his fight.

I was sad I was going to miss Ryan’s fight, but it was my Nan’s 90th birthday party in the midlands. How fortunate that mere days before I emigrate my Nan has a surprise 90th birthday party, attended by all my family on my Mamma’s side? Amazing. So on Saturday morning, as the sun rose over the cliff tops, I took one last run along my beach, packed our SAAB, and drove to Redditch.


It was a very joyous occasional. What a privilege, to see my Nan, the eldest of thirteen, surrounded by three generations of humans that would not existed were it not for her. To see my Mum, surrounded by a similarly indebted two. I had worried my presence might sour the occasion, but I needn’t have ’t drank and were merry. Charlotte and me and Uncle Maurice were last to go to bed. I woke next morning to a decimated bottle of Raspberry Absolut, and a Facebook message from Ryan:

Knocked the guy out in under 10 secs, paramedics had to bring him round, ko’d in the cage for 6 mins, he said he cant remember being in the cage. Check the vid on my wall, hope your adventure is going well and all the family is safe. Farewell brother.

Everything, in the words of Tiny G, is gonna be OK.

— Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

Wednesday, October 15th, 2014


Ladies and gentlemen! It is my great pleasure to introduce to you, ATDLIVE! it’s my all-new live mixtape series, which some of you might have caught me executing the other night on my Mixlr… The idea is to build it into something that capture the spirit of those early ATD tapes, where I’d mix my favourite new music with my favourite old music, drop my own new tracks and remixes, and bust out occasional freestyles… but all done live on the decks, no sitting around automating things in a DAW, just raw PARTY SHIT.

Tracklisting’s down the bottom. Get your free download by clicking the little arrow on the top right of the soundcloud player, whose blurb reads as follows:

Praise Xenu, Baby Jesus and Batman! ATD returns with an all new mixtape series, ATDLIVE! An hour of amazing (mostly) new rap Mixed LIVE in Don Studios V, Rhos On Sea, a week before ATD emigrates to Los Angeles, where you’ll be able to catch his ex pat ass playing ultra peakwave sets in LA’s waviest nightspots.


ATD, Rhos On Sea, 2014

ATDLIVE by Akirathedon on Mixcloud

ATDLIVE tracklist

— Wednesday, October 15th, 2014

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014


Autumn fell on Colwyn Bay the other day. One day it was summer, a neon sunset dying a bloody death on the horizon as I ran barefoot and shirtless on my beach, Joey Diaz in my ears, storming through the surf, leaping over a suicide of dead jellyfish, 5 miles from top to bottom, 600 calories smashed into tiny little fragments. Next day I woke to a heavy slate sky, and my morning walk up the mountain and through the woods with Hercules was a thick, crunchy, golden carpet. “EEEF,” noted Hercules sagely, as eeefs fell all around us like confetti. It happened just like something from Calvin & Hobbes. Autumn just fell one night while we were sleeping, flump.

I haven’t noticed the seasons like I’ve noticed them this year since I was a little boy. You don’t get seasons the same way when you live in cities. In a city winter means the sky changes colour and you might spend a bunch of your time huddling in a bus stop and getting splashed by puddles, but here your the whole world changes overnight.

Its coming up to a year since we decided it was time to leave London, got answered by the gods with an eviction, and boarded a plane bound for California. Six months since we moved to the North Welsh Coast, where I applied for a US Visa and got in the best shape of my life by walking up a mountain into the woods every morning and running barefoot on the beach every night. Now summer is over, I’ve got a US Visa, and my flight’s booked. On October 22nd I’ll be above the clouds, headed for Los Angeles, and destiny.

Two weeks left then, even less right here, on the border on Rhos On Sea and Colwyn Bay… just a fistful of days to enjoy this beautiful place we made our home for a couple of seasons one year in the first days of Satya Yuga. Just a few more runs on my beach. A few bike rides along the coast with Hercules on the back singing “yeahyeah“. We’ll never be as young as we are right now, and we’ll never have this again. I’m excited about the future, but I’ve loved this present, this perfect last, long Summer in Wales, before me and my beautiful little family roll the dice and embark on a new adventure.


MEANWHILE… the Emigration sale is still on. We ran out of hoodies, and the T-shirts are down to a few boxes, so get in quick before its all gone forever. Get 50% off your order by entering the code “THEEYA” at checkout…. that applies to everything, digital bundles (lots of you clever cats have been getting the entire back catalogue for a crazed £45), CDs, even hand drawn art. I did this A2 don doodle for a cool cat called Jordan in the USA yesterday, amongst a bunch of others.


He got one off me before while I was out in America last and I did it on paper plate in the studio cos I couldn’t find any paper. This one will fit in a frame and he’s psyched which is a beautiful thing.

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 00.18.21


Oh, and some new music dropped today. Our remix of the Twin Peaks theme, in a timely fashion. I’ve actually been working on this for a while, so it worked out perfectly. I think we accidentally created a new genre. I’m calling it trapgaze. Its like the introspective version of peakwave. Dreamy shit to bliss out to in a pile of leaves on an autumn afternoon.

It’ll be fall next year.

It’s a magical world. Let’s go exploring!

— Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

Saturday, October 4th, 2014




1NV151BL35 is REAL!


My dictionary definition awesome all-over-print shirts have moved from my imagination, via graphic design applications, through the air, off of satellites, into manufacturing studios, and over goddamn OCEANS, into REAL LIFE and are now being worn by REAL LIFE HUMANS across the lands and by Jovi they are beautiful.



Hold tight Wade modelling the Unified Unicorn Plasma Sunburst shirt. It took me a while to find a decent supplier, but we got there. These joints are gorgeous, the colours pop like Kpop videos, and cos they’re printed first then sewed, there’s no white marks on the seams like with a lot of sublimation prints. PLUS unlike most sublimation shirts they’re cotton not polyester so they won’t give you cancer.

Not only do we got shirts! No! We got sweatshirts! And bags! And tanks! WE GOT THE FINEST GARMENTS IN THE COSMOS BUBBA!


Meanwhile the 50% off everything ATD Emigration sale rages on until I emigrate to LA in a few weeks. Grab the bargains of 12 lifetimes quick! Digital bundles! Shirts! CDs! Everything half price! Use the code “THEEYA” at checkout. RING AMBERLAMPS!


— Saturday, October 4th, 2014