Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014

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Aight, so I wanna get back to regular podcasting, after a few years off it. The only reason i stopped was the constant technical shit just got in the way of it and it became too much of a headache. I’m hoping a few years down the line etch has gotten better and more integrated and I can do it without having to spend half a day screaming at the computer. Anyway, I tried Ustream out the other day, and to be honest that was still a massive pain in the ass and I couldn’t get my mike, soundcard, Traktor, and the interface to play nice even after following a bunch of Soundflower tutorials, also you have to pay like $100 a month not to have adverts on that shit.

I’m not sure if I wanna do a single weekly Doncast, where we chat and hang out and play music and shit like the old days, OR if I wanna break it into two, one where I just play music, and one that’s just chat. The latter is attractive as I’m about to doing a lot more DJ work for which I need practice, and I usually have way over an hour of new music a week to play anyway. Ultimately when I’ve got my full live DJ/sample set up working it’d be like a weekly live old school ATD mixtape, which would be fucking cool.

Meanwhile, I’ve been enjoying a lot of chat only podcasts lately during my beach runs and morning mountain walks, and fancy doing something I could enjoy myself in such a fashion. One doesn’t always want music, sometimes one wants soothing golden vocal tones. And there is much to talk about, and I am about to start having some very major Adventures again, and will no doubt be meeting interesting people along the way, and a regular talky podcast would be a great opportunity to share some of that. I realise I don’t have time to write more than one lengthy text blog a week, and those are a limited form in many regards anyway.

SO. This week I’m trying out this thing called Mixlr, which is an audio only streaming thingy that thusfar seems pretty dope and has been reliable. It has a chat room, and you can add a schedule and stuff. There’s no video though, which is no doubt partly why its reliable, but maybe that loses something. Anyway, I’m gonna carry on testing it this week, leaving the schedule of the next appearance on the page so keep an eye on it. Next one’s 1pm tomorrow (Sept 3rd), which is 5am LA time. Let me know your thoughts on all this, what you’re after, any ideas you have for online places to do it, all that. One of my favourite things about the old Doncasts was hanging out with you guys on a weekly basis, so I don’t wanna lose that aspect.

OK, I gotta go do crunches now, big ass day tomorrow. LOVE YOU GUYS PEACE!

Akira The Don is on Mixlr



— Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014

Monday, August 25th, 2014


Well, the skies have opened their gates and the floods are falling upon us like a cacophony of pianos, which means IT’S AUGUST BANK HOLIDAY WEEKEND IN THE UK!

And, just in time for Carnival, MIDNITEMEN unleash this monster remix of Shy FX and UK Apache’s jungle classic ORIGINAL NUTTAH.

Verily, SPLASH.

Meanwhile in America…


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— Monday, August 25th, 2014

Wednesday, August 20th, 2014


MIDNITEMEN cast their cosmic gaze on 90s house classic and anthem for a greater humanity FREE by the mighty Ultra Naté, a song whose message of liberty and excellence rings true throughout the universe. DO WHAT YOU WANT! DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO!

FREE DOWNLOAD via FB: dropify.com/l/OQb
Or by joining the MIDNITELIST:


qq crying tears feels

Oh so very beautiful.

So I’ve been thinking about DONCASTING again lately, cos I have loads of music I’d like to play you and things I’d like to talk about and stuff and I kinda miss it. It was always a mental and time consuming and stressful challenge, but it was always rewarding. Then this came in:

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 14.18.45


Patreon’s another thing I’d been thinking of looking at.  Any relevant ones I should check out? And where’s the best place to think about Doncasting now, anyway? Ustream? Google Hangouts? Something new?



— Wednesday, August 20th, 2014

Monday, August 18th, 2014

Akira The Don's Milk & Cheese tattoo

I caught the train to Chester yesterday to get something I’ve wanted ever since I ran away to Liverpool on my 15th birthday. I suppose for perfect symmetry I should have gone to Liverpool to get it, but my research revealed the most suitable tattooist in the region to be down the road in Chester, so to Chester I went, and the award winning Golden Dragon Tattoo studio, where a talented young droog called Craig finally inked Evan Dorkin’s angry dairy products on my right arm, AKA my cartoon arm.

Hugely influential things happen over very short spaces of time when you’re young, compared to your later years. More events of lifelong import happened in the 7 months I was in Redditch between 16 and 17 than happened in seven of my London years. And the few days I spent as a just-turned-15 runaway in Liverpool were even more intensely concentrated.

One thing that came out of that little nuke of emotional intensity that would reverberate for the rest of my years had to do with comics. I acquired a little pile of comic books in the town centre, some stolen, some bought with cash I’d been given for sitting at the side of the road with “homeless” written comic-bookishly on some cardboard next to my teenage personage. One generous and emotional lady have me a handful of paper money, blinking back tears and muttering about the horrors of the modern world. I spent the rest of the afternoon sipping on milkshake in MacDonalds’ reading Tank Girl and A Tale Of One Bad Rat, and the evening in the back of a pub listening to the jukebox and reading Evan Dorkin’s Milk & Cheese. ”Dairy products gone bad,” Milk & Cheese were rageful and hilarious little alcoholic cartoon characters who railed against societal idiocy, raining righteous ultraviolence down on the heads of fools. I related to their disgust at world, I shared their rage. In later years they reminded me of that, when I fell into new age traps of cheek-turning and othersuch passive, submissive, bubble-dwelling, world-ignoring selfish faux-spirituality. They were Lydon’s “Anger Is An Energy” screed personified.

I finished the comics and doodled them on the back of some napkins (which, it transpires, was how Dorkin created them in the first place). When the pub closed I wandered the streets looking for somewhere to sleep and, eventually, after some adventures and incidents, I found an abandoned building, whose rotting old stairs I climbed to a room with no roof carpeted with pornography and drug paraphernalia and broken glass. I lay on my back looking at the lights blinking through the orange stained clouds, thinking of my life in all directions, as the songs I’d heard and the comics I’d read sunk into the tapestry of my consciousness. I knew whatever happened, it was going to be OK. I knew who I was what I stood for. I knew what I wanted from my life.

I decided that when I could afford it I’d have panels from all the comics tattooed on my arm. I imagined a whole sleeve adorned with bits of my favourite comics, telling the story of my life and my dreams.

To this day, my favourite thing to do in a new town is buy a comic, find a bar, and sit my ass down with a drink and and read. It feels holy. It centres me, it reboots me. It reminds me where I came from and where I’m going. Just thinking about it gives me a hair tingling sort of hiraeth, as the Welsh say.

I only remembered why yesterday.

Art is magic.

That’s one thing I always knew for sure.


— Monday, August 18th, 2014

Tuesday, August 12th, 2014

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Oh what that time travelling asshole Alan Moore spoilered the end of True Detective in 2001 what a dick sheez.

In all seriousness though, all this plagiarism stuff being flung at True Detective writing dude, I’ve looked at it, and yeah, he’s taken some lines here and there but who hasn’t, consciously or unconsciously, stuff is made of other stuff, and none of that stuff was created in a vacuum, that’s how stuff becomes stuff even TERRIFYING YE OLE TESTAMENTE YAWEH SKYGOD had to make Adam out of some dirt that was lying around and that Eve chick out of a fuckin RIB, and True Detective writing dude made a whole new thing out of loads of other things and some previously unbeholden shit that happened in the gutters of those previously existing things as they all meshed together in his BRAIN and that new thing was DOPE and TRANSFORMATIVE and didn’t exist before in that particular form so fuck all all that shit dude.

So sayeth the Don.


Check out iLoveMakonnen, whose instant classic Club Goin Up On Tuesday we remixed the other week, reacting to Drake’s remix of the very same song that dropped this morning. Look at the joy! Mane, that response was one of the purest things I’ve seen from a musician in as long as I can remember. Shit made my eyeholes fill up with starjuice and everything. I’m genuinely thrilled for the dude. And with that Drake cosign, we can expect iLoveMaokonnen to get Migosed within an inch of his life over the next 12 months, meaning 2015 is gonna be rap’s weirdest year yet and I can’t fucking wait.


(also thank you DBS, Southern Hospitality’s resident prophet, always three steps ahead of the game)



All my life he was there, being funny.

“Nanoo, nanoo,” my mum used to say, at the dawn of my human memory, doing her impression. That was the first time I remember seeing him too, as Mork, making me laugh from the faraway little TV hanging from the ceiling of in the Liverpool Children’s hospital ward I was in, getting my eight year old penis operated on.

Special as that was, I think I’ll remember him most fondly for that wonderful laugh he let loose with when he came out of the pub after the funeral in that episode of Louie. That was perfect.

Thank you Robin Williams. Sweet dreams.



— Tuesday, August 12th, 2014

Tuesday, August 5th, 2014

Music, first.

This week’s MIDNITEMEN drop, following a pair of nineties reworkings, is set in the very present, Atlanta to be specific, where incredible new sounds appear like dew drops every dawn,  inspiing this peakwave amplification of nu age based god iLoveMaokonnen’s amazing CLUB GOIN’ UP ON TUESDAY… first introduced to me by the always on point Southern Hospitality chaps, Makonnen is a breath of the purest deep space, an ultra melodic, ultra unique continuation of the good work begun by Lil Bars in The Bay executed by a Los Angelino in Future Town.

Can’t wait to play this one out, but its been most enjoyable in my ears running on my beach and booming around Don Studios V, Rhos On Sea, the sweetest temporary home I ever have known.

I got some incredible news the other day after paying tribute to the based deity beneath the Welsh Niagra of Aber Falls. This photo was taken before the news, but it conveys the feeling well, I think. Also the shirt. The most beautiful shirt I have ever seen.

Screen Shot 2014-08-02 at 09.38.21

I went back up there today with Hercules and my Mum. Hercules made friends with a horse. He was sad to have to leave him, when it was time to leave him.


He said to the horse.

At the speed of Hercules, we made our way up the hill to the gushing glory of Aber Falls. It dawned on me that “waterfall” is an intensely unimaginative word for so spectacular a wonder. We sat beneath it and felt its power. Hercules was sad to see the waterfall go too. As we walked back down the hill he turned around, which neither me or my Mum had thought to, and bid it a heartfelt and emphatic farewell.


Perhaps sad is the wrong word. He wasn’t sad to see it go. He was grateful to have known it. Grateful to have enjoyed being in the presence of so truly awesome – if poorly named – a thing as a waterfall. Thank you thing of wonder, he was saying, thank you, I love you, I am so happy to have known of your existence.

He is right, of course. Hercules is always right. I hope to be more like him when I grow up.

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 14.25.39

EDIT: My little brother Alexander Velky reckons these are a rare species of magical horse-family creature known as the Carneddau Pony, that have been around since the Celts. He sent me this BBC article about them, which mentions some have been freezing to death, something my uncle, who used to live up Aber way can confirm as he and my mum happened across some poor dead frozen ponies a few Christmases ago. Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 14.25.22

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 14.25.31

— Tuesday, August 5th, 2014