Tuesday, July 1st, 2014

Batz Inda Belfry – Seaweed

Harking back to a time when music videos were mini movies and cost a billion pounds, behold ye this ultra ambitious Kubrick-inspired visual for the debut single from my ole pal Envy and her Mancunian partner in rhyme Onedaful. NORTH GOT NEXT!

RiFF RAFF – Introducing The Icon

The Neon Icon welcomes you to his world.  ”A relentless and spectacular three minute barrage of vivid, visual, visceral freestyle rap over some classic beefed up Bomb Squad-esque 90s industrial rap production,” as I described this rack thusly in my Quietus review. Dope video too.

Zane Lowe meets…. Rick Rubin

Say what you like about Lowe’s fawning interview style, but this is a rare and fascinating look into the world of one of the 20th century’s most influential beards.

King Los – Woke Up Like Dat

Love this song. And the video reminds me of LA, where I’ll be returning soon.

Everlast – “Folsom Prison Blues” Martyr Inc. Records

Whitey Ford gets out the greenscreen and appears on the Johnny Cash show, to perform a break-infused cover of the Cash classic, and it is SHOCKINGLY DOPE (and way better than anything Eminem’s done in the past decade).

Most of the videos were MVs this week, huh? I been crate digging and working on my library is why. See you next week!


Peaches and Gonzales – Red Leather

I never saw this before, probably cos it wasn’t shown on UK TV when it came out in 200 and we didn’t have streaming internets video then. Weird huh? Anyway, this is great, and has Chilly in a belly top in it, HISTORICAL.


— Tuesday, July 1st, 2014

Thursday, June 26th, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 23.11.07

Oh yeah, I nearly forgot. So I totally got chased up and down the beach by polices without realising it the other night.

What it was, I was going for a run along the illegal beach out the front of my house, which has been closed for months cos they’ve dumped tons of new sand on it and bulldozers push that sand around a bit in the daytime. Nothing’s going on at nighttime, so I don’t see any problem in jumping the fence and running along the shore through the surf with my headphones on, listening to my new mixes or an episode of Red Ice. The sun’s dying in a smouldering sky full of fluffy pink embers, the ocean rolls out into a neon infinity crowned with windmills like some dystopian sixties paperback cover. Basically, its super inspirational and good exercise.

So anyway, I run a mile or two up one way, where a security guard tells me how I shouldn’t be on the beach and I need to go walk back along the road, and I tell him I do this every night and I live just over yonder and anyway I haven’t got any shoes on so walking on the road would be lame. So he’s like, oh alright then, you’re not doing any harm are yer, and I’m like cheers buddy, and he’s like, see ya tommorrer, and I run back down the other way and am about to climb back over the fence when I’m struck with a great idea for a chorus for this bit of music I wrote earlier that I’ve had on loop in my headphones the whole time. So I wade out into the ocean, until the sea’s up to my knees, with this thing in my headphones, and the sun’s died, and the ocean is ink, a vast wet Lovecraftian bruise, and the sky’s the colour they used for Batman’s cloak in eighties DC comics, bleeding into the ocean, and this chorus is sounding amazing, and I’m listening to it, and singing it, and kind of letting it build itself and recording it into evernote, and the tide’s coming in an its up to my waist now, and getting higher, and I’m spinning around singing this thing over and letting it build, and then its done, it has made itself know, and I wade back to shore.

I’ve got all my energy back now, so I think, fuck it, I’m gonna run up and down the beach again. So I pivot on my heel and sprint off through the surf. Out the corner of my eye I can see some shadowy figures up on the promenade pointing at me, but I’ve got my headphones on and I’m used to people pointing at me, so I ignore them and sprint off up the beach.

On my way back down again, I notice these weird shadowy things in front of me, and initially I think they’re driftwood or something, but they’re moving, and they’ve got lights on them, and now I can see they’re definitely moving directly towards me.

I think, of great, some local meatheads are gonna try it now, amazing. I rehearse some boxing moves in my head, but worry that since I haven’t boxed for a while I might be getting it wrong. Maybe they’re just interested, I decide, maybe they just wanna hang out with an interesting motherfucker like myself. So I slow my running down and let them meet me, all like, alright lads, what’s cracking?

And then I see they’re not just lads, some of them are polices, and I’m like, OH SHIT, like I was a kid again and I’d done something wrong. Then I remembered I haven’t done anything wrong, and felt elated, and then I remembered that doesn’t always matter with polices, and felt mildly panicked.

OK lad what you on? asks one of the polices, which I think is a weird question, and another one says, what’re you up to then? And I’m like, oh hi dudes, I’m having a nice run along the beach thanks. And they’re like, we chased you all the way up the beach but we lost you. Fuck, you bolted off quick. We followed your footprints in the sand until they disappeared like fucking Houdini. How’d you do that?

I didn’t know how I did that.

We were shouting, they said, didn’t you hear? I pointed to the giant, battered headphones I still had on.

What were you doing in the sea? asked one. You were out there for ages. It was weird. Someone thought you were trying to kill yourself or something. I laughed, Ah ha ha! I was writing a song, I said. Its super inspirational out there you know. They looked unimpressed. You gorra do what you gorra do, shrugged one. The civilian spat on the sand. You must have done some funny acid, he said, glaring. The tall one got out a notebook and peered into my eyeballs suspiciously, like Larry David. I Larry Davided back. We stayed that way for a long, leaden moment, as the waves crashed against the shore, and a car drove past. Eventually he straightened up, and nodded. OK, he said. OK.

They insisted on walking me off the beach, back over the fence, where a pair of police cars waited on the roadside, lights flashing giddily, illuminating a gang more policemen, along with some interested locals. They were all ever so interested. I guess there isn’t much going on at midnight on a Tuesday in Rhos On Sea.

They interrogated me some more, all the questions, what’s your name, where do you live, how long have you lived here, where did you used to live, why did you come here, who do you live with, do they know you’re out, what were you doing again, are you known to us? The tall one scribbled notes in his notepad, so tall he was, his funny ole pointy polices pope hat poking a hole in a cloud. OK, he said. OK. Then they all nodded at each other, mumbling things like, better safe than sorry, and gorra be careful, and see you friday Kev, then disappeared into the night in a convoy of flashing lights.

The ocean below thrashed foaming lips against rocks and sand, and the ocean above dripped stars.

Well, I thought, if this isn’t nice, I don’t know what is.

I put my song back on, and walked home.

— Thursday, June 26th, 2014

Tuesday, June 24th, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 16.23.18

Greetings from Rhos On Sea, AKA Suntown North Wales. First, let it be know I’ve been drawing more one-off album sleeves for folks! Get yours while they’re still available, I won’t have time soon enough. I won’t be here soon enough.

Here is pretty, pretty sweet though. Its limbo, a place between worlds, but its a beautiful, sun drenched limbo, with the beach a mere brick’s throw away. The majority of it is closed to the public for remodelling right now – many tons of sand have been piped in from elsewhere, and every day bulldozers tirelessly rearrange it – but I visit each day regardless. Sometimes with my little boy Hercules, sometimes with my little boy Hercules and my lady Charlotte, and sometimes, just myself.

We had celebrated solstice the other night by barbecuing some fishes and swimming in the sea. Like fishes. Hercy’s getting into it, after a little initial trepidation. He was laughing his little ass off today as I jumped us up and down, and he splashed his big flappy paddle hands gleefully. The sea’s just a big ole bath really.

The past few nights I’ve ventured out alone just after sundown, jumped the fence, and ran along the shore for miles like some joy crazed Rocky Horse, pounding barefoot through the surf, listening to mixes of new songs and conversations about Shakespearean Typology on my crackly ole headphones, whooping and hollering at the neon Thundercats logo horizon, seagulls scattering in front of me like bomb blast shrapnel.


I was annoyed that the beach was shut initially, but now I’ve sussed out the times I can go there without having to worry about being bulldozed, which is most of the time really, its like having a three mile private beach. Almost every day I get to make music, practice my new skills, enjoy beautiful views and fresh air, exercise (!), and spend many happy hours with my beautiful family. Moving to Wales temporarily has turned out to be everything I hoped and more. While each day finds me eagerly checking the inbox for news on my visa application, I know I will look back on this period with great fondness in the future.

These are the good old days.

AK and HErc, RHos On Sea, Summer Solstice 2014



— Tuesday, June 24th, 2014

Friday, June 20th, 2014

Fuck, That’s Delicious

Former chef Action “Breath Control” Bronson takes us round the world with him on tour, as he makes it his very serious and passionate business to find the most delicious foodstuffs at every stop. Actually very beautiful, and bittersweet viewing, in an almost Louie-esque fashion. Part 2′s here.

Guardians of The Galaxy Trailer

About half way through watching this trailer for a movie I’m kind of looking forward to that’s based on a comic I never even read and directed by a guy who slagged me off on his Instagram last year I realised, “fuck, they’re going to make everything. Probably even Death’s Head.”

Issue – Mask On The Moon

Man like ISSUESAN has a dope ass tea party in this gorgeous visual from his similarly lush Liquid Wisdom long player.

Nicki Minaj – Pills And Potions

Yasss Bish with Soulja Boy for the street single, this joint for the radio, Nicki is in the best form she’s been in since Monsta. This video’s fantastic too (apart from the magic-toppling product placement that is).

Angel Punisher – Here’s The Thing With Chris Sims – Episode 8

World renowned Batmanologist Chris “The SIB” Sims casts a scholarly gaze over the history of Marvel Comcis antihero The Punisher, and how he ended up in a  storyline that involved him dead, armed to the teeth, and merking the shit out of angels. Excelsior!

— Friday, June 20th, 2014

Monday, June 16th, 2014

WATCH: Carousels & Limousines – Strange Love

How’s that for a linkbait headline? Pow!

So here’s that video I was making last week that you might have seen a wee preview of on my Vine. I made it for this band Carousels & Limousines, and their beautiful and hiraeth-filled coda Strange Love, that very quickly suggested what it might like to look like. The band wanted something “trippy”, so I came up with the sad and beautiful story of man’s ascent from void to human to transhuman to void again. And if that sounds a bit heavy, its got dancing skeletons. Enjoy.

Meanwhile Herc and I just spent a joyous afternoon down the beach, where we made sandcastles and I did sit ups and watched some kids steal a boat.

Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 18.08.09


Yesterday was my second father’s day.

Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 18.14.28

Herc stole shared my breakfast in bed and we drove to Liverpool, source of some if his DNA. He had such a great time experimenting with reverb in the car park. “HIYA!” he squealed delightedly, seven hundred times. He revels in the sound of his own voice. Maybe he’ll be an auctioneer when he grows up.

Right now I’m gonna load up these stems, close my eyes, transport my consciousness beyond Sirius, and switch into MIDNITEMODE. We’re remixing the shit out of OKGO. OK. GO!

Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 18.15.57

— Monday, June 16th, 2014

Friday, June 6th, 2014

So me and Hercules did a remix of our favorite song this month for no good reason other than WE WANTED TO AND IT WAS HELLA FUN.


Shout out Stitches! This time ten years ago I was in Little Haiti hanging out with these kids on the street, before they had to get indoors cos of unofficial curfew, at which point I saw police vans cruising around all slow and sneakily like with their back doors open.

I wonder where they are now?

Love to Miami! Love to everybody!


— Friday, June 6th, 2014