NEW MUSIC: Eazy-E x N.W.A. – Boyz-N-The-Hood (MIDNITEMEN Remix)



New shit! Splash!

Did this on Saturday afternoon, to play at my Blind Dragon residency… I meant to do a simple edit just to toughen it up and bring it up to the sonic level of contemporary shit, so I could play it at peaktime during The Bangers without a noticeable drop in energy… but then ended up going a bit deeper and doing a full remix. Then we went and saw Straight Outta Compton on Sunday at the Hollywood Arklight (should have gone to Compton really but never mind) and shit was completely mind blowing. I still felt weird in my stomach four hours later. I didn’t think they made movies like that anymore. That was like some seventies level shit. Very, very special. So inspirational. Those that have followed me from dot probably know how influential N.W.A., and especially Ice Cube were on me. Death Certificate was my favourite album in the world when I was 12, growing up in North Wales. I could rap that shit backwards. As I explained on me and Narstie’s Hate Sosa, the song opened me up to a whole world that i would never have know existed if it had been left up to education and the media. 20 years later I’m living in L.A., and N.W.A. are still inspiring me.

Rap music for ever.

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