New Fanart, Donart And ArseArt

Big up that fly as hell new fanart by Dr Matty T. Sent over last night via Twitter while I was testing out this Wacom Cintiq my neighbor Jamie McKelvie lent me. Here he is showing off his self-designed Captain Marvel kicks, like a G:

I borrowed the thing to draw this Art Brut comic strip I’m doing for their greatest hits LP, since my trusty DT5 520 is being a bit of a mardy ole dick, and as a warm up exercise (drawing cold is never a great idea, as I keep forgetting to my detriment) I decided to open myself to suggestions from you, the people. Facebook threw a bunch up pretty quick:

So I drew this:

It was very enjoyable.

Speaking of which, here’s a nice photo of Hercules looking super happy yesterday. Can you guess what he’s doing?

That’s right. He’s curling off a nice thick mustardy one on his Mamma’s lap.


— Friday, January 25th, 2013

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