I Am Not Dead (Yeah!) leaked

Building With Strings

Hey kids! A song from album number two has leaked. NOW. It is called I Am Not Dead (Yeah!). Maybe you have seen us do it live. The version that has leaked is not the final version. The final version will have a very special guest singing the chorus. Maybe you can guess who. maybe not.


The song has turned up on Dr David “Lorry” Laurie of Something In Construction’s new mix CD / label sampler, Building With Strings. Writes David:

“I am doing a label sampler slash compilation album.
The promos are going out next week.
but in the meantime (my fave UK website) The Line Of Best Fit is hosting it as a FREE download.
19 tunes from LoneyDear, Emmy The Great, Young Husband, Damn Arms vs Midnight Juggernauts, Akira The Don, Sambassadeur, Depreciation Guild and a fat bunch of brand new things.
It is, if I say so myself, very good and I kinda made an effort to make it flow like a reallykickass mixtape, rather than just a bunch of songs shuffled onto a CD.
Hope you like it.”

— Friday, April 4th, 2008

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  1. adamalphabet
    April 4, 2008
    7:18 pm



  2. admin
    April 4, 2008
    7:25 pm

    i guess :mrgreen:

  3. adamalphabet
    April 4, 2008
    7:55 pm


    how does one do an angry face?

  4. adamalphabet
    April 5, 2008
    9:20 pm


    pink box!

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