How To Play Oh! What A Glorious Thing And Make Your House Look Way Better


No way! The guy who plays Jay on The Inbetweeners’ brother Giles Taylor has done this sweet Youtube tutorial on how to play the bit of Nico’s These Days that I sampled and looped as the basis of my classic hit single Oh! What A Glorious Thing. APPRECIATE THE SKILLS REQUIRED TO PULL OFF SO HARD A FEAT! I am certainly appreciative. Big up thy badman self Giles Taylor. Long may you continue to assist your fellow man.

That’s me and some Rozzers in Westminster the other day. BJ and I were rampaging around shooting a video for One More Pope To Go. It was super fun! We got kicked out of Traflagar Square twice. Apparently it is illegal to dance in Trafalgar Square, which we were told is not a public space, and is the property of the Greater London Authority, not The People. I am not sure that’s true, but we didn’t have time to contest it as we had a lot of footage to capture, for the betterment of humanity, so I will try and get back to that once at some point.

Speaking of Pope, the CDs just came in, as did the ATD29 ones, so I am packaging them all up and heading Post office-ward this afternoon. ALSO in stock now are the ATD29 prints, and the previously unmentioned POPE prints! Super limited edition artworks by your friendly neighbourhood Don! Order yours now and improve your home immeasurably!


— Friday, March 8th, 2013

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