OMFG, look at that! It’s young Herculini The Great and his uncle Alexander Velky engaging in some kind of futuristic turbo comedy, in the immortal medium of GIF! Gadzooks!

That was actually taken the day Alex came to visit and I made him shoot this video:

All of, like, two weeks ago! Goddamn it time is liquid right now!

Anyway, I have been working very hard. I won’t tell you what the main thrust of my efforts has entailed, but outside of that I did do a new Art Brut comic to go with their Greatest Hits, a slice of which you can viddy here:

Me and Herc have been hanging out doing man shit:

Herc’s been cruising the streets in the manner of a G:

He’s also been doing push ups, after crawling two inches. HE IS THREE WEEKS OLD OH MY LORD.

Meanwhile I have been getting a bunch more fan art, like this ace picture of me and a unicorn wearing an Akira The Don shirt by Timothy O’Briant.

Send your fan art to akirathedon at gmail dot com! And keep it locked on this area of the interwebs for the fruits of my secret labours! Amen!

PS: My home Matt “The Eyeballs” Muir has a newq home for his legendary Web Curios internet digest, so go check that out, it is full of Interest.

— Saturday, February 2nd, 2013

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