Fractals Pr 436

I got this email yesterda. Forsooth!

Richard from the Illinois here. I was brushing through my father’s record collection I found good old DEVO. The record also came with a “Limited Edition” 2 x 3 poster. It has DEVO facing the old traditionalists which contains a 60s style man with long blond hair and a mustache. He stands in a large mob of pink look-a-likes. It was kind of a neato thing because A: It’s like Clones, and B: It must be worth hundreds on ebay. So I sent you some pictures off my Olympus. Stare, show off, enjoy.

*Note: I wouldn’t dare sell it.*

That is fucking crazy! Or not, as my collective conciousness-receiving brethren know only too well. What was it Nas said? “No ideas original, there’s nothing new under the sun/ it ain’t what you do/ it’s how it’s done.”

Hey yo! I’m on Tom Robinson’s 6 Music show tonight, between 7 and 9. I’m taking my peoples Mary Turner and Joey “D” Driscol with me, it is gonna be UNIQUE. Plus, we’re debuting my Christmas Number One. Be here then.

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— Monday, December 4th, 2006

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  • Will

    Have you got any raps over metal/hard rock instrumentals? I think it would be a good look and I would love to play them out. W

  • Bob Hand

    Ha, nice album art there. Of course the blob clones are far superior to these.

  • BirdGuhl

    you sound like a little kid on the radio

    like you're answering the teacher but looking out of the windows, at the ceiling, at the lights

    like the song tho.was a nice distraction from essaying

  • peter chafer

    bird girl grow up ur the only lil girl here haha akira brrrrrrrrrrrrrap