BEHOLD: Saturn Devouring One of His Children X Galactus Devouring The Silver Surfer

Behold! One of my most favouritest paintings of all time, Francisco Goya’s fucking powerful Saturn Devouring One of His Children. I thought this was even cooler than Hieronymus Bosch’s Garden Of Earthly Delights when I discovered it and made it the basis of my art project when I was 14.


Contemporary New York based artist Matt Black’s Goya Galactus, spotted at the excellent kirbymuseum! Kinda looks like ole Lactus is using Surfes as a toothpick. Also, charcoal is one of my most favouritest mediums. Dope.

Behold! What Google gives you when you search “Saturn Devouring His Son”! BAHAHAHAHA! Oh internets! Thou doth slay me! Can I see this painting, one of my most very favouritests, ever agin without thinking “OMNOMNOM” in my head?

Poor Wikipedia. No ad revenue, forced to beg their userbase for founding, constantly being ripped off by everybody. The following showed up in my alerts this morning, a sign of things to come if ever there was one:


I am assuming every Wikipedia page that exists is being tuned into a Youtube video right now by some black hat buggers’ spangly new bot for the purpose of harvesting traffic and views and back links and shit.  For these are the new currencies vying with the old for dominance of the transactions and worth of man.

As for the Old… they’re in a state of ugly desperation. Poor damn-ed creatures. Too many dams, not enough plugs. Or, too many rabid predatory swine, not enough Lord McAlpine’s to try and deflect attention from their heinous crimes against Us. OH WELL.

— Thursday, December 6th, 2012

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