Intergalactic planetary high five to Timothy O’Briant for sending this amazing artwork in, along with this note:

Hey, first met you at Morrison con this past year and since then I’ve really enjoyed listening to your music.  At the con you where wearing a tie dyed unicorn t-shirt so I thought it would be awesome to draw a unicorn wearing an Akira the Don shirt.  Hope you like it.  Later

I DO LIKE IT DUDE IF IT WAS MADE OF OIL I WOULD PUT IT IN THE BRITISH MUSEUM. I mean, fuck, that unicorn is wearing a flipping Life Equation shirt. Amazing.

Check out more FANARTS over here and send me your artworks by the magic og EMAIL and it will be added to the WALL OF FAME.

Meanwhile I just went to see Warren Ellis do some talking at Foyles courtesy of Simon Spurrier (who writes this ace thing) and hooked up with LE MUIR and professional comics legend talk curator (and occasional Daily Mail scribe) Sam Leith and former Vertigo bod Tim Pilcher AND IT WAS VERY FUN. Charlotte was saying I don’t go out enough so I did, just like that. BOOM! I HAVE THE POWER TO GO OUT! WANNA GO OUT? HOLLA AT ME! I AM A PARTY PERSON! OH YEAH!

I missed a lot of Dr Ellis’ talk cos i found out about it in a very last minute fashion, but I did catch him musing on how he only really sees the mistakes in his old stuff and can often not bear to read stuff he did as recently as yesterday for that reason, which is pretty much how I tend to feel about my own shit, so that was encouraging.

Incidentally I forgot to ask Warren Ellis how the fuck he maintains such a high level of grade A digital output whilst still writing comics and books and movies and shit, but I forgot, so I guess I’ll have to KEEP ON TRYING TO FIGURE IT OUT FOR MYSELF.

Ale Jaca Est.

Oh yeah, my olympic construction site neck injury came back, heres my PAIN FACE:


— Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

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