ATD16 Claymation Trailer


  • http://www.wonchop.net Wonchop

    A bit more practice and you won't need to hire flash animators at all for your vids. 😛

  • Akira The Don


    I like them!

    Let me know when you're free again, we should do another one.


  • http://www.upstartweston.co.uk jen

    I think you need to devise a Blob origin mythology. All the greats have them. (And the inclusion of a miniature Spaceman-era Ace Frehley is a nice touch for all the miserable old rock bastards such as myself…)

  • http://thesvenhunter.blogspot.com thesvenhunter

    I don’t want to sound like a douche but that’s a bit of a contradiction isn’t it?

  • http://www.so23.wordpress.com k-dub1

    yeah. i want a story to.

    something i can sit round a camp fire or in a pub next to the sea and spin the tale.

    or something to tell my grandchildren.

    ill start you of.

    it was a dark night. the moon was full…

  • http://www.so23.wordpress.com k-dub1

    damb your right…