ADVENT 7: Lobo Paramiritary Xmas Special



Merry X-Box comix carnage for you here, in the form of the much-loved/reviled Lobo Christmas special!


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— Monday, December 8th, 2008

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  • spaceman spiff

    Bisley is the nutz, check out his early Slaine and ABC warriors – awesome artwork……..

  • http://www.wonchop.net Wonchop

    Oh shit not 'the finger'!

  • http://www.so23.wordpress.com k-dub1

    why did the 90s have to end? 😥

    • http://www.wonchop.net Wonchop

      Cos the government said we weren’t allowed to have a 1999 and a half.

      • http://www.so23.wordpress.com k-dub1

        damb government. always killing my good time

  • http://stopme.wordpress.com/ Ryan

    Hey Dude!

    It's Ryan from 'Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before'

    Thanks for the festive Lobo Comic!

    Thought you might like this scan I did of another Bisley Xmas slaying strip from Judge Dredd The Megazine:


    It always gets me in that Christmas spirit!!

    That and copious amounts of Baileys, Drambuie, Whiskey-Macs and other winter warmers!