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What Music Plays in Casinos

Screen Shot 2017-02-18 at 12.01.58 PMLots of people all over the world enjoy listening to music absolutely everywhere, be it in a car, public transport, home, work, university, on the way to someplace, etc. The reason for this is clear – correctly chosen song/s can provide great psychological effect e.g. classic music. Perhaps, that is also the ground why casino operators and developers of slot machines use exactly classic melodies in their establishments.

In the majority of offline casinos, players hear classic melodies in the lobbies or lounges. It is used as background music to relax people who have just arrived and want to relax. The most favourite is, of course, Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons.”

Background music during games

There are many gaming halls in every casino, where some gamblers play card games (poker, blackjack, etc), slot machines and roulette. When the game goes well, players almost don’t notice any sounds or songs, whereas when there are losses, players immediately pay attention to the music as it is ruining their gaming experience.

Because of this fact, operators started paying more attention to the combination of melodies depending on the score of the games.

Some operators have managed to find an easy solution to this issue- they started creating such games that are based on music icons so that there is no need to select some special melodies or tracks. Some newly created slots use Michael Jackson’s and other famous singers’ tracks and videos.

Such manipulations can be noticed not only in offline gambling houses but also in online ones. For instance, the best slots of this casino can boast of not only the most modern free slot machines with multiple features and options but also great melodies that accompany the game.

The difference between classic and modern tracks

As it was mentioned above – different original or remixed songs are played in different halls during various games. Loud and active melodies for slots, classic for lobbies/ lounges as well as for various card games. But why does classical music is so widely used? In accordance with the psychologists, this particular kind is capable of making people feel excited about the game and potential wins, thus making them try their luck over and over again.

Additionally, it also is great for relaxing and calming down, hence making players concentrate on the game. Due to such music, gamblers have more chances for positive outcomes if they play wisely. Of course, if it is a beginner who plays without much knowledge and skills, no music will ever help.

Summarising all the information, one can conclude that owners of casinos use classic music in the majority of halls to not only help players but also maintain some sophistication and exclusivity of the place. Indeed, there are many modern gambling houses that use famous singers’ tracks in all halls without even thinking of kinds of games. That’s why the majority of experienced and professional gamblers visit older casinos with nice, relaxing and calming down the music.

— By Akira The Don on Saturday, February 18th, 2017

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