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WATCH: Riff Raff SODMG & TKO Capone – Big Balling No Practice


It’s Riff Raff, AKA the rap Jimmy Saville… actually I’m the rap Jimmy Saville. Actually Jimmy Saville’s the rap Jimmy Ascilel, on account of him inventing rap and all. Riff Raff’s the rap Martha Stewart on account of that cheffing he’s been doing. And don’t tell me TKO Capone isn’t the most lyrical underground cat out there right now. Awesome as per goddamn usual…

Interesting that TKO Capone shows up to claim the Capone name just as the ole Capone – as in …and Norega – gets kicked out of rap for snitching.

Switch gears! Got me lookin’ like a UH!

— By Akira The Don on Saturday, October 29th, 2011

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