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WATCH: Ant Man Teaser Trailer

Ant-Man (2012) – Edgar Wright Concept Teaser by Eklecty-City

Watch quick before it gets pulled off of Youtube! (Wow, that was quick, went down 2 minutes after I posted it! let’s see how long the Daily Motion one lasts)

Well, now I think this could be an awesome movie. That sequence is FLY AS SHIT.

Read more here.

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— By Akira The Don on Thursday, March 21st, 2013

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  • http://twitter.com/J15_Fennech †™.Jusтιи♛Fєизch.™†

    His costume is ugly, just keep it to the regular comics with hank pym….. please dont ruin antman…….. PLEASEE

    • f00768500

      Chillax, dude!

      Remember, this footage was for CONCEPT purposes ONLY! That would suggest final designs haven’t yet been… well… finalised!


    • yetistereo

      psh, his costume was awesome. still has the original in mind but updated look. Footage looks amazing and edgar wright will no doubt do an great job

    • http://twitter.com/RaydomeWho Raydome

      I think it looks cool, still like Scott Langs. Think the film is suppose to have Hank Pym & Scott Lang in it.

  • http://twitter.com/RaydomeWho Raydome

    Looks cool, just found out Joe Cornish co-wrote it! Ant-Man is going to kick off Phase 3 in 2015 apparently

  • Jaries

    I w as worried when I heard about this movie in the works, but now I feel safe! That was an awesome lil clip!! It’s cool to get to see how they’re approaching Ant-Man. His costume looks good on the screen..don’t hate on it you know they’ll tweak it a little more as time goes on!

  • Ervin

    Who is te actor ?

    • ashley

      Paul Rudd

  • Sinai Faingold

    This gotTa BE a kickass movie

  • Jasper

    iMpressive, most impressive!!
    It does not have that CGI fake look on the effects!
    Gravity is not something CGI artist pay much attention to, except for a very few films.