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LISTEN: Marvin The Martian ft. Jack Nimble – Sterling Crumble

STREAM: Marvin The Martian ft. Jack Nimble – Sterling Crumble

Says Marv:

With the UK economy finally clawing it’s way out of recession I figured it would be a good time to unleash my ode to the financial mismanagement. We actually filmed a little hood video for this song, we delayed releasing it and ended up losing it to a dead hard drive hence its overall delay. It bangs so heavy though and the lyrics still resonate, especially considering the fact that most financial experts are predicting a double dip in the economy back into negative growth this Spring. Woo. They say the people don’t feel the pinch until well after the “Recovery” we’ll see.

Oh snap, this is mu JOINT RIGHT HERE! The boys passed through Don Studios a little while ago and played me an early version of this. It sounded amazing them and it sounds even more amazing now. This tune is fucking awesome. PROPS.

New Marvin mixtape in two weeks. Keep em peeled here.

— By Akira The Don on Monday, February 1st, 2010

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