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Connection between Gambling and Music

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For years, there has been a link between musicians and gambling.  There have been many songs, dating back many decades, which talk about gambling in its various forms.

Kenny Rogers’ classic, The Gambler, is a folk rock song with a contagious melody.  It tells the story of a meeting between two men on a “train to nowhere”. One man it down on his luck and the other man offers him advice in exchange for his last swig of whiskey.  Among the advice he offers is “you got to know when to hold ‘em/ you got to know when to find ‘em”.  The man then goes on to advise that “secret to survivin’ is knowing what to throw away, and knowing what to keep”.  Kenny Rogers is scheduled to play in Buffalo Bills in Las Vegas later in 2013.

Frank Sinatra most famously covered ‘Luck be a Lady’ which is easily one of the oldest and most famous of the gambling songs.  The song was written in 1950 and is still very popular to this day.  The song was used in the classic musical, “Guys and Dolls”, and tells the story of a man who is playing a game of dice in an attempt to win the girl of his dreams.

The Band’s ‘Up on Cripple Creek’ tells the story of a drunken gambler getting lucky at the race track and staying with his younger girlfriend Bessie in Lake Charles, Louisiana.  This bluegrass-tinged folk song was released as a single in 1969. Written by Robbie Robertson, with drummer Levon Helm singing lead vocals, off their second album titled The Band. There is also a fantastic live version with Bob Dylan from the Martin Scorsese directed documentary, The Last Waltz.

Musicians in Vegas

Las Vegas and its major casino venues are often host to some of the biggest music events.  With so many people in the city, it is the perfect place to perform live.  Looking back, you’ll see that some of the biggest names have played in the city’s various casinos.

Rod Stewart is a prime example of a rock musician who is often seen in the various casinos in Las Vegas.  In fact, he was a scheduled tour for later in 2013.  Rod Stewart is very popular throughout the world so filling the Caesar’s Palace’s The Colosseum should not be a problem at all.

Elton John is another world-renowned singer and songwriter who is set to make a return to the city with 14 dates throughout September and October 2013.  Elton John has had one of the longest and most successful musical careers in history and his new show ‘The Million Dollar Piano’ is eagerly anticipated.

Music and Mobile Casinos

It is surprising to see, with the rise of mobile casinos, that music has not been more integrated. It would undoubtedly enhance the experience if the games were accompanied by some of the classic gambling tunes. So the next time you play on www.casinojuggler.com, be sure to give the above songs a go, and see if they inspire you to win big.

— By Robert Core on Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

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